How to Pick Your Bridesmaid Dresses !!


Hey All, Picking Bridesmaid Dresses are equally important decisions one has to make just like Bridal Dressss. If you are not aware,  Bridesmaids are members of the bride's wedding especially young woman who accompanies her down the aisle. If you are struggling with dress selection, here are few tips from me for you to pick your perfect Bridesmaid attire. Bridesmaid Dresses should make them feel comfortable, confident and smiling. Bridesmaid Dress shopping has its stressful moments but being … [Read more...]

The Untold Story on Wind Energy !!

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Hey All, We all would have studied in Science that winds are caused by the uneven heating of the atmosphere by the Sun when Air in constant motion gets affected by changes in temperature and pressure. This wind flow can produce useful forms of energy when it comes in contact with a turbine. The kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy. Wind energy offers many advantages. There is no pollution associated with Wind energy and it has zero contribution to global warming.  Unlike Fossil … [Read more...]

Bodycon Dresses ft GearBest !!


Hey All, is a premium retailer of  smartphones and accessories. GearBest is an online shopping website catering to  gadgets, electronics, home and garden, sportswear and apparels. They have some irresistible deals and offers. GearBest is one of the upcoming e-commerce giants. What I like about GearBest is that they provide good quality products at an affordable price.There are different categories to choose from. The best part is that they provide us Free Worldwide China Post … [Read more...]

Order Your Dream Party Dresses Online –


Hey All, Party is one of the most important  occassion in the life of a woman. The Party night marks her maturity and it is special because it's a person's first enjoyment outing date with dinner and dance. You get to meet a lot of people. It will etch some nostalgic memories for the rest of your life. A beautiful dress for the party is very essential. Most girls will feel stressed out to find their perfect party dress. There exists a massive confusion and debate whether to buy party dresses … [Read more...]

The Beauty Resolutions January 2016 Fab Bag Review !

January 2016 Fab Bag Review

Hey All, Its a fresh start with a New Year. Every year, each January, I resolve to become better in some or other way. Most of us will make a New Year's promise - maybe to plant trees, pamper skin, lose weight, eat healthy, going gym, be optimistic, quit smoking or drink less but how many of us make good on those resolutions. These resolutions are easy to make but hard to hold. This year I really want to reflect on some changes and the January 2016 Fab Bag came at the right time with the theme … [Read more...]

Smart Investing Towards a Sound Future!


Hey All, We all wish to pursue one or other investment methods to secure our future be it for retirement, peace of mind, buying a house or travelling. The financial decisions we make are very important because investing in wrong plans can turn disastrous. Sometimes, superstitions come in the way of sound investments. Despite our changing lifestyles due to all the technological cum financial advancements, we’re still slaves to a wide range of superstitions and rituals.  In a world filled with … [Read more...]