Oil La Sante Scar and Stretch Mark Oil Review !

Oil La Sante

Hey All, I have sensitive acne prone skin. I use oils to clean and moisturise my skin during the night time beauty regime. Oil helps me to maintain the balance of my skin. I usually use coconut, almond or olive oil. I was looking for an alternative to Bio Oil and I found Oil La Sante. I was interested in this product because I wanted to see if it is effective on treating dark spots due to pimples and sun. I had gained weight in all these months and I got stretch marks as a result of … [Read more...]

Crazy Factory | Online Piercing Jewellery Shop Review

Crazy Factory

Hey All, I am going to introduce you something interesting. Crazy Factory is an online jewellery shop that sells various kinds of piercing like belly rings, body piercings, nose piercings, tongue piercings and plugs. They also sell different types of mobile accessories, jewels, hair accessories and tattoos. You have lots of a lot of sizes to choose from and hundreds of patterns, colors and materials too. Wood, acrylic, steel or bone ?  Crazy Factory has them all. Crazy Factory is a company … [Read more...]

Doodle Collection Scribble Planner Review !


Hey All, I am a person who love books. We live in an electronic era where everything is dominated by gadgets but yet nothing can replace the smell of books. I am reviewing the Scribble Planner by Doodle Collection today. Product Description: Are you a person who likes to be organized and have a plan for anything and everything? Can’t work without a to-do list? This Doodle Collection Scribble Planner is what you need to stay organized yet trendy. The choice of vibrant colors and a dateless … [Read more...]

At times, mother is all I need- #MyFirstExpert 

Mom and me

Hey Dearies, There is no love like a mothers love and there is no bond that is stronger than the one we share with our mother.  Mother is a gift to us in the earth and every mother is equal to god. I have always shared a special bonding with my mom, right from my childhood.  She is the woman who carried me around for ten months. You know it's always the thought that counts and not any stuff. This post is dedicated to my mother who is also #MyFirstExpert. I am really grateful to my mom for all … [Read more...]

RiteBite Eazy Herbal Bars Review !

RiteBite Bar

Hey Everyone, I got three new bars to try from RiteBite last month. Having tried their Max Protein Bars, I was delighted. These bars were loaded with the goodness of herbs like tulsi and ashwagandha. I got three variants - Easy Slim, Easy Immune and Easy Calm. These bars satisfy your hunger and sweet tooth without adding to the calories. It can act as a meal replacement bar too. The bar makes me feel full and keeps me away from my craving for unhealthy snacks. Eazy Slim: With herbs like … [Read more...]

Birthstone Jewelry Gift Guide !

Anjolee Ring

Hey Everyone, Nothing is as popular as gifting the birthstone jewellery to your loved ones. Birthstone jewellery is desired by everyone because of the beauty of the stones,colorful nature, sparkle and personalization. I am rounding up the best gifts you can choose for your dear ones in this post. You can gift these stone based articles for any occasion like birthday,marriage or anniversary. Jewellery is a universal symbol of affection and it will never fail to surprise a person. You can even … [Read more...]