Himalaya Acne n Pimple Cream

Himalaya Herbals Acne-n-Pimple Cream Review !!

Hi, I am reviewing the Himalaya's Acne-n-Pimple Cream today. If you haven't read my review on Himalaya Wellness Foot Care Cream, you can check it out here.  Zits Be Gone with Himalaya's Acne-n-Pimple Cream!! Product Claim: Himalaya's Acne-n-Pimple Cream treats pimples and skin eruptions, healing infection while keeping the skin soft and smooth. It has excellent astringent, styptic and cooling properties derived from the goodness of Lentil, Silk Cotton Tree, Five-leaved Chaste Tree extracts, Barbados Aloe and Alum. Key Ingredients: Lentil's astringent and anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing inflammation...Read More
SkinActives SkinCare Review !!

SkinActives SkinCare Review !!

Hey All, Salicylic Acid is very effective against acne because of its ability to penetrate deep into the pores and remove any dirt or grime present there. It acts at reducing oil that clogs the pores. I got some products for acne treatment with Salicylic Acid  and Sea Kelp from Skin Actives. Skin Actives is a brand based in USA, Arizona. Skin Actives Scientific believes in quality ingredients and not just fancy packaging.They offer a wide range of skin care products...Read More

A Love Story with Acne and My Journey to Clear Skin!

Nothing to discloseHello Beauties,All you Acne Sufferers, you are not alone. I am with you. I can understand that depressing feel acne gives us.  You all know that Acne is a skin disorder that leads to outbreaks of skin lesions called pimples. It can pop due to various reasons like lifestyle changes, oil glands producing more sebum, clogged pores, hormone changes bacterial growth and poor hygiene. Acne is of many types too.        *************************** Story Begins here *****************************Acne & ME –...Read More

Say Good Bye to Spots with Dream Dots for Spots Over Night Treatment!

PR SampleHey all,I have acne prone skin but I don’t get them often but when they come they are big, painful and ugly. I got a chance to try this product. I was really hoping that it will help me to clear the big bumps.Dream Dots is a company from Ireland and they are relatively new so many of you wouldn't have heard of this Brand. Dream Dots are tiny little see through discs or silicon patches that you put...Read More

LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence !

Bought by me Hi,An essence is lighter than a serum or an ampule, and targets specific problems. The Tea Tree Essence 90 aims at clearing troubled skin, moisturising and brightening.I received this LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence (20ml) in my Memebox Luckybox #5 and it was the stand out product from the entire box.My skin just overcame a disaster. Yes!! I have sensitive skin and breakouts. I just survived a heavy acne attack. I am following a regular cleansing routine...Read More

Auravedic Clear Brightness Pulpy Face Wash with Neem Tea Tree !

PR Sample Hi,I finished off the Garnier and Everyuth face washes last month and switched to this Auravedic Neem Tea-tree Wash. I took snaps for the emptied products but I feel extremely lazy to do a empties post.Something is different in Auravedic Clear Brightness Pulpy Face Wash with Neem Tea Tree when compared to the normal face washes. Read this review to know more about this product.Product Claim:Auravedic Clear Brightness Pulpy Face Wash with Neem Tea Tree cuts through oil, dissolving...Read More

Garnier Pure Active Deep Pore Unclogging Face Wash Review!!

Hi Dearies,After a tiring week its time to take off for the weekend. Yay. Happy Sunday !!My acne attack has calmed down finally but two small zits turned into huge one and when my friends say "ouch..so sad....you have got a breakout",I feel like screaming.I feel like my entire day is gone.Huh!Damn acne!I am reviewing a face wash for acne prone skin in this post from Garnier Pure Active range.Product Claim:Garnier PureActive Deep Pore Unclogging Wash provides a concentrated deep...Read More