How to Have a Crackling Diwali, Even If you are Away from Home !

Caratlane Diwali

Hello All, October is here and so is the festive fervor, beaming to embrace us. The slight nip in the air has bid adieu to the badgering rain, and the sun has put its fury to rest too. It seems nature has rolled out its majestic carpet to India’s biggest celebration, Diwali. This is a time to rejoice and reunite with the family. This is a time to seek blessings from the elders and adore the loved ones. It’s Diwali time and it is certainly family time. No wonder, many who work in big cities like … [Read more...] – Website Review & Haul !

Hey Everyone, is the no 1 destination for all your ethnic needs. I will be reviewing Sareez which is one of the leading websites in India today for you. is an online store which sell a range of ethnic wears under categories like Sarees, Salwar Kameez, Lehengas etc.  They have a bollywood replica section as well where you can find the exact dress worn by famous celebrities. So if you want to copy your favourite star's style say for example Deepika Padukone's suit, you can … [Read more...]

GharWaliDiwali – Diwali with my Family !


Happy Hours Campaign EntryDearies,The festive mood has already set in, in the town in full swing. I thought of sharing my #GharWaliDiwali experience with you all today. As everyone knows, Diwali is the festival of lights and emerges from two terms Diya which means “light” and Avali which means “a row”. Diwali means “a row of light”.In my childhood days, I hardly used to celebrate Diwali because I was so scared of the crackers and the loud thud noise they used to make. I refuse to step out of my … [Read more...]