Skincare Tips for Men !!


Hi Guys,Skincare and beauty is only for women is a myth. Skincare is equally important for men.Most of the men believe in this myth and never pay attention to their skin.I agree that beauty is related to our genes but at the same time one cant deny that lifestyle habits,nutrition and what you use on skin matters a lot.By this I am not coming to say that you must spend hours before the mirror or apply tons of makeup. It will be good if you follow a regular maintenance routine to take care of the … [Read more...]

Join Garnier Men India In The Nationwide “SayNoToBars” Movement !!


Campaign Hello All,Are you confused whether to use soap-bars or face wash for cleansing face?? Soap Bars Vs Face Wash is a never ending debate.Until recently when the Garnier Men launched the campaign, many people would never have really thought about the difference between a bar of soap and a face wash especially guys as very few pay attention to beauty and grooming.Men will be men! No matter what the situation, this statement will always hold true for them. Take a minute to think this … [Read more...]