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ABOUT WELLNESS OCEAN: (From the Site) Maura Chari is the Founder & Managing Director of Wellness Ocean Products Pvt LtdWELLNESSOCEAN TAKES A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO WELL-BEING. BY HOLISTIC, WE MEAN CONSIDERING THE WHOLE PERSON AND THE CHOICES AN INDIVIDUAL MAKES TO NURTURE THEIR BODY AND MIND AND SOUL – THE AIR THEY BREATHE, THE MOMENTS THEY TAKE, THE PRODUCTS THEY PUT IN AND ON THEIR BODY.We believe that feeling close to nature helps everyone achieve a sense of balance, both with the … [Read more...]

Iraya Indian Jasmine Day Cream Review

I was on the look out for a good moisturising cream with SPF which has some natural ingredients.I wanted to try Iraya products since they are natural as I was giving my skin a break from harsh chemicals.Finally got my hand on this day cream.Lets see if its a hit or miss from Iraya brand. ABOUT IRAYA:Iraya’s founding company, Sadatan Laboratories, was established in 1980 as an R&D centre to study the principles of Ayurveda with a scientific, modern approach. Sadatan’s first assignment … [Read more...]