EOS Lipbalm dupe from Buyincoins Review !!


Bought by me Hi All,Are you a fan of EOS lip balms but frustrated that you cant get hold of them easily from India.Now a days, I can find that they are available on Flipkart and Ebay for around Rs 600 but earlier it was not available any where and after reading many rave reviews I badly wanted to try one.I spotted the dupe of EOS Lip Balm in BUYINCOINS and ordered one.Eos (Evolution of Smooth)  lip balm  is 95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free. Packed with … [Read more...]

Dr.Batra’s Natural Cleansing Milk !!


PR Sample Hi All,Tough I am aware of the benefits of CTM routine, I neglect using a proper cleansing milk most of the days.I have used Lakme and Cetaphil till date.I use a facewash, toner and moisturizer regularly. Whereas a facewash cleanses dirt and grime from the surface of a skin ; cleansing milk is milder and penetrates into the pores and deep cleanses the skin. Dr Batra's Natural Cleansing Milk enriched with Echinacea and Chamomile is what I am gonna review today.Product Claim:Deep-pore … [Read more...]

Auravedic Clear Brightness Pulpy Face Wash with Neem Tea Tree !


PR Sample Hi,I finished off the Garnier and Everyuth face washes last month and switched to this Auravedic Neem Tea-tree Wash. I took snaps for the emptied products but I feel extremely lazy to do a empties post.Something is different in Auravedic Clear Brightness Pulpy Face Wash with Neem Tea Tree when compared to the normal face washes. Read this review to know more about this product.Product Claim:Auravedic Clear Brightness Pulpy Face Wash with Neem Tea Tree cuts through oil, dissolving … [Read more...]

Konjac Sponge Review,Benefits,Usage & Results !!


Hi,Monsoons have started here. I am super happy but it’s a bad time clicking photos indoors. There is no sunlight at all plus its full wet outside everytime.Argh!!I love all products with the deep cleansing claim.Konjac Sponges fall under this category. If you are bored of all normal skin care products, the Konjac might interest you. I bought mine from Buyincoins and paid around $2 or 3. I have the wet variety and the black one with charcoal. Read the review of Konjac Sponge in this post.Let’s … [Read more...]

Organic Harvest Orgadyne Anti Pigmentation Cream !


Hello Girls,I am super busy preparing for my exams and that’s why I am posting less. There is a sudden twist in climate too, it was around 45 degrees hot and suddenly it is down pouring everyday with thunders and the sky is still cloudy. Sorry if the pics are unclear coz there is no sunlight at all.Coming to the today's review its gonna be an anti-pigmentation cream - Organic Harvest Orgadyne Anti Pigmentation Cream With Organic Daisy Flower Extracts. Sounds good right?Please keep in my mind … [Read more...]

Press Release : Organic Harvest gears up to spread its skincare goodness across the country

Indian organic personal care brand, Organic Harvest, which was launched in June 2013 in Delhi-NCR and Punjab, has announced its expansion plans wherein the brand would be introduced to consumers across the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal within the next 6 months through 200 retail outlets.Delhi-based Organic Harvest, which is India’s very own organic personal care brand, is jet setting to spread the art and science of pure plant and flower essences across … [Read more...]