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Couple Necklaces: Beautiful Ideas And Concepts!

In certain countries, couples wear matching outfits and it’s a very common thing. If you aren’t into dressing up in matching outfits that complement your other half, then couple necklaces are the next best thing. They are an understated, subtle yet meaningful way of connecting you with your loved one even when you are apart.

There are so many ways you can experiment with the design which this article will delve into. We always suggest looking into something that resonates with you both as a couple and a symbol that usually has significance and importance within your relationship.

This will of course be very personal and down to you both. However, this article will provide inspiration and ideas for design concepts.  Knowing where to shop is also very important. For example, discover the stunning collection of handmade silver jewellery that reliable jewellers offer online. You can start your couple necklace journey there.


Personalised engraving

This is something that couples often like to do on engagement and wedding rings but can easily translate into necklaces as well. You can simply choose your design and then get your own message, names, dates, or whatever you wish carved onto the back or front of the necklace. This is a beautiful display of affection and also allows you to personalise the jewellery into something more bespoke that is especially for you as a couple.

Two halves make a whole necklace

This pendant is a popular yet timeless idea. If you get it in sterling silver or a high-quality material then it can also look chic and stunning when worn. They can also come in various shapes and styles so feel free to explore the various concepts out there that can provide you with inspiration and really resonate with you both as a couple.

Matching necklaces

If you want to go full matching, then know that there is still room to personalise them slightly. You can go for matching styles, for example, but the woman’s necklace can have gemstones on them. Another option is to choose a man’s version that features a different metal. Feel free to play around with charms also as this adds a different dimension to your jewellery.

Lock and key

This is a great option for those couples who love symbolism and meaningful sentiments to one another. This necklace concept is very romantic and magical and can literally represent the other person having the key to your heart. It’s a beautiful way to show your love for one another.

Finding couple necklaces can be overwhelming considering the number of styles you can choose from. Whatever design you pick, make sure that it has significance to your relationship.