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Floss Fruit Infusers from Fressko!

Hello All,

Are you a travel lover? Ever thought of a travel companion water bottle, that too which has multitasking features?  Yes! A fruit infuser cum, thermal flask and of course a regular water bottle.

After I got this multi-purpose bottle, I just discarded my old water bottles. Yeah, let me just show you what I have got!

It’s Floss, made by Fressko!

This is a stylish insulated flask which is loved by travellers, and juice lovers.  

Let me just quickly get you through its features and other product details:

  • You can fill 500ml of Juice/water.
  • BPA/Leak/Scratch Proof.
  • Keeping the liquid cool for 12hrs
  • Maintains the heat for 6hrs.
  • Light Weight.
  • Good base.
  • Comes with infuser filter.
  • Travel-friendly.

I know that you have tried different infuser cum water bottle, but what has inspired me to try their infusers is that the philosophy they follow” Be kind to mother earth, to others, and to yourself”.  It reminds me to be more eco-friendly and obviously their stunning look.

There are many ways to make use of it, Firstly, let me open up my preference; I take it whenever I go for trips, as it became my perfect travel companion from my initial trip. You can use it as an everyday companion for your Work, Gym, or school.  As they are BPA and other chemical free, it’s completely safe for our body.

One more thing which has to be mentioned is that it comes with a cylindrical packaging and that makes it a great idea for gifting, May as a gifting to your employees or to your friends. It comes in 4 variants, 300ml, 360ml, 400ml and 500ml. The one below is of Variant 4, I,e 500ml. Another feature that really make this more perfect is that the 2-in-1 infuser. You can just screw the two pieces together and you have an infuser for loose tea or tea bags. Just keep it in place, add hot water, and drink while on the go. 

If you like to try some more recipes with your Floss, you can check out Fressko’s recipes section, they have almost all the combination. You can try their recipes @madebyfressko_recipes

I feel it’s a unique and perfect way to keep your pieces of stuff worthy, fresh and healthy. Wish to switch to Fressko? Check them out here.