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Make A Note Of Your Travel Diaries with Popov Leather!

Hello All,

Traveling is important in our lives, but taking note of your travel plans and post-travel is more important. The reason being that makes it most important is that it helps other globetrotters to plan their trips accordingly.

Travelling is also not as easy as we think, but what makes it easy is, just a small open secret, making a travel itinerary.

Below are the reasons that make our travel easier with travel notes:

  • Managing our time – If we note our day to day plans, must-see places it saves our time in finding the right place to visit and how to reach there?
  • Managing the expenses – If we make a note of the expenses ahead, it’s easy for us to finalize the overall travel expense.
  • Note down the main attractions and how to reach there without any trouble.
  • Prioritize the main locations based on your interest.
  • The itinerary is not just limited to making notes of “things to do” and “planning expenses” it also includes making note of “what you have taken your clothes, medicines, emergency contact numbers, and any other urgent requirements”.

So, now we need a super cool diary and diary cover to make our travel easier and make that memory last. Let me introduce you all Popov Leather a US-based leather Workshop which provides a high-quality leather good. And they are keen on making sure that all their leather goods should last for a lifetime. They have a wide array of products which includes:

  • Wallets
  • Belts
  • Everyday Carry
  • Writing
  • At Home
  • Travel
  • Watch Straps
  • Bags

Field Notes Cover – Black (With Pen loops)

It’s a cover for your travel notebook which can either be used as a travel mate or for your everyday use. While holding this in my hand I can feel the softness and its minimalist design is eye-catchy and it will easily go through your Pocket/Coats or Bag.

It also has a socket to hold Pen/Pencil or Marker.

It can be a wallet replacement as it has sorts to keep your ATM/Credit-Debit cards, or your passport as well. It’s a multipurpose thing which eliminates the burden of carrying Wallets, passport holder.

As they guarantee a lifelong stand, if any damage occurs they offer free repair and they even accept the product back if you don’t like the product for a refund.

I can blindly give 5* for the quality of the Leather and it smells good, and of course, they use the traditional driftwood stitching.

Carry this with you to make your travel/day to day routine easier. Follow them on Insta to keep yourself updated about their new launches.