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Stone Paper Notebooks from Karst!

Hello All,

Stone paper is always on high demand; it’s often called as Rock paper or limestone paper. The main highlight of Stone paper is that it’s very strong and durable and are used to make a notebook, brochures, pictures, records, magazines, bags, packaging,  containers, and maps among other uses.

It’s made of crumpled stone powder, pooled with a non-toxic and biodegradable binding agent HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene). Stone paper is a very naturally friendly paper which is different from traditional paper because it has non-wood-pulp.

Below are the key benefits of Stone Paper:

  • 100% Tree Free products.
  • Water Proof
  • Tear Resistant
  • Durable
  • Recyclable
  • Photo Degradable, No Toxic Release
  • Grease Repellent
  • Heat Sealable
  • Fire Resistant
  • Anti-Moth(made from our signature blend of eight essential oils to keep the moths away from books)
  • Insect Proof
  • Moisture Proof

Let me show you a high-quality Stone Paper from Karst! They have designed their papers in Sydney, Australia and they aim to disrupt the paper industry.

Stone Paper Hardcover Notebook

I can feel the smoothness while I touch this and it’s very pleasant to see and in fact, I don’t feel like writing in the mighty paper. Its looks so luxurious and you can safely hand this to your naughty kids and no worries of them tearing the paper.  Their products are so nice and they are at the peak of creativeness.

They provide their paper in 4 types, Lined, Blank, Dotted and squared pages. This could be a perfect choice to writing, drawing and mark your important dates.

This could be a perfect match for professionals, artists or Engineers. If you are looking for a masterpiece with a classy and unique notebook this could be a great choice. What makes Karst different and special from other notebooks?

  • Their papers/notebooks are waterproof
  • Tear-resistant

Their specs:

  • Their Sizes are A5 (inches): 5.8 x 8.3” and Size A5 (cm): 14.8 x 21
  • The book has a total of 144 pages
  • Uses a thick paper of 120-micron.
  • Printed with soy ink
  • Their covers are water-resistant, thus making it unique and safe to carry in any situation.
  • It can be expanded in the back pocket for any additional storage.

Pairing this notebook with your professionalize attire can gain you attention, respect and could give you some compliments. This it makes you unique. Your every purchase of Karst notebook allows you an opportunity to plant a tree and make you a more environmentally friendly person.