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SkinActives SkinCare Review !!

SkinActives SkinCare Review !!

Hey All,

Salicylic Acid is very effective against acne because of its ability to penetrate deep into the pores and remove any dirt or grime present there. It acts at reducing oil that clogs the pores. I got some products for acne treatment with Salicylic Acid  and Sea Kelp from Skin Actives.

SkinActives SkinCare Review !!

Skin Actives is a brand based in USA, Arizona. Skin Actives Scientific believes in quality ingredients and not just fancy packaging.They offer a wide range of skin care products plus they provide their customers with a unique opportunity to tailor their own DIY customized skin care kit – just pick the ingredients from the list. I just wanted to tell you that the products are not paraben free.

SkinActives SkinCare Review !! SkinActives SkinCare Review !! SkinActives SkinCare Review !!

This Skin Actives Salicylic Acid Cleanser is a part of my daily skincare regime. I dip my washcloth into warm water, pour a few drops of this cleanser and massage it on my face avoiding eyes, nose and mouth areas. Then, I rinse and pat dry with my towel. Trust me, this process has reduced the frequency and number of breakouts.
It may take several applications to show results but it works for my skin type. You must continue using this cleanser. The cleanser dries out my skin, so I use a minimal amount and follow it up with an oil free moisturizer. This 2% Salicylic wash will cleanse the skin and decrease inflammation, while also providing nutrition with Sea Kelp Bioferment.

I really love this face wash. It isn’t expensive too. It doesnt smell but due to the presence of Salicylic Acid it can cause irritation and burning at times.

BUY IT: INR878.03 for 4.0 oz.

SkinActives SkinCare Review !! SkinActives SkinCare Review !! SkinActives SkinCare Review !!

Skin Actives Coral Nutrient Serum alleviates any skin inflammation and soothes the skin. It helps with mosquito bites, rashes, razor bumps and sun burn. The texture is like a gel concentrate. It is very healing in nature and provides the right moisture balance for oily skinned beauties.

BUY IT : INR709.17 for 1.0 oz

SkinActives SkinCare Review !! SkinActives SkinCare Review !! SkinActives SkinCare Review !!

Skin Actives Alpha-Beta Hydroxy Acid Exfoliator Towelletes are a high penetration exfoliant made up of salicylic and lactic acids for use on the face, neck, or body. The Alpha-Beta Exfoliator helps to minimize pores and leave skin soft. You can use it even on callused heels. The towels are out of stock now till august. You can buy the solution instead.

BUY IT: INR631.50 for 1.0 ounce

Skin Actives Scientific empowers customers to take control of their skin care. Their experts review scientific and industry literature to find the best skin care actives. The company provide their customers with information that is easily understandable and the tools to make the perfect product for their skin. Skin Actives understand the power of customized skin care and you pay less for superior quality.

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