At times, mother is all I need- #MyFirstExpert 
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Mom and me

At times, mother is all I need- #MyFirstExpert 

Hey Dearies,

There is no love like a mothers love and there is no bond that is stronger than the one we share with our mother.  Mother is a gift to us in the earth and every mother is equal to god. I have always shared a special bonding with my mom, right from my childhood.  She is the woman who carried me around for ten months. You know it’s always the thought that counts and not any stuff. This post is dedicated to my mother who is also #MyFirstExpert. I am really grateful to my mom for all that she has done for me.

She is the one who might have heard my first cry as a baby, holding my tiny fingers in her hand and offering a caring look. Moments like those are really sacred and I can feel it only when I become a mother someday.

My mom’s delivery was complicated when she had to give birth to me. My dad used to tell me how the C-section hurt, nobody was allowed to visit and the sleepless nights. Just one thought of that makes me teary eyed.

The best thing I learned from my mother is to be honest no matter how difficult the situation is. All throughout my life, my mother has always encouraged me to take up education and career seriously. She always used to tell me that it is your qualification that remains throughout your life. She doesn’t want me to be confined to my home and she wants me to explore different parts of the world and unleash my creativity.  She gave me the courage to stand up when things are unfair.

Whenever I am depressed or down due to failures, she showed the right path to me saying if I didn’t get something, then it was only because I didn’t work hard for it. She has also taught me good manners.

My mother used to do everything with great enthusiasm and seeing that I learnt to be a multi tasker too. Right from feeding me food, dressing me up, making me ready to school, teaching the subjects and cleaning the mess created by me, she has done it all. I learnt to cook, I learnt to solve maths problems, I learnt to wear lipstick and I learnt many things from her.

There were days when she becomes crazy, but in the end it is always my mom who cares for me and supports me. She is very understanding. My mom is my best friend and my mentor. I appreciate every moment that I get to spend with her.


I was in a relationship and I used to express it to my mom. Moms know the best of all. She warned me about that jerky guy who was my ex- boyfriend. He dumped me and I finally had to sob in my mother’s lap. I was caught between pillows with tears after a roller coaster relationship that didn’t end well. I realized that moment that love is when you instinctively hug your mom when you are stressed and you look to her for guidance and she reassures you by bringing your smile back.

When things happen to me that I can’t control and when I am in deep distress, mom is there for me. There are moments when mother is all I need. Just the two of us and everything will be perfect.

Mom, you are my role model, you are my guide and I will never forget the words of wisdom shared by you.  I am most thankful to my mother for her continuous example of giving her best. Mom, you are amazing! Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made till date. I hope the love between us grows forever. I feel really blessed!

This post is written as a part of #MyFirstExpert Campaign by Indiblogger and Godrej Expert – Rich Creme Hair color