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Bring Back the Touch !

We all feel loved in different ways and in the same way there are numerous ways to exhibit your affection. Some of us like a kiss whereas for others it will be a touch, talking out the emotions, going on a trip etc.
A little extra touch is comforting and can go a long way. The power of touch is really magical.
I know how good it feels to get a tight hug, a reassuring pat on the back or a friendly handshake when I am depressed.
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Let me share a few instances with you.
I travel in bus and train daily. At times, the train is fully packed and I have no option but standing close to close with other people around.
I cannot deny the fact that many a times I have felt it soothing when your arms slightly brush with the other person and they look apologetic. The reason is that the local passenger is full with too much noise, humid climate, a few sweaty unclean people, smelly toilets etc. The journey is nauseatingly stop and go and you feel tired. There are days when I feel super irritated but then feel comfortable from a touch.
Be it a stranger, whatever is the human relation status, a touch can ease that irritation and take out your stress. It creates a quick trigger in the brain.
Life can be so lonely when you feel unwanted by your partner. You end up with huge fights and you realise very late that it could have been resolved with a gentle touch.

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Quoting my own story – Myself Iswarya and my BF Pradeep.

I am in Coimbatore now and my loving boy friend is in Bangalore. I have felt many a times that long distance relations never work. You know how difficult it is to stay apart. Whenever we meet it is for a short time after a long gap. It is these small small gestures that keep the relationship alive and stronger. 

We lock our knees under the table when we’re out for dinner date. We watch a scary movie together. We walk at the park  holding hands.
Rekindle the spark by bringing back the touch in a passionate relationship just like us. 
#BringBackTheTouch. After all, a gentle ‘touch’ can go a long way in rekindling the lost spark and chemistry between couples. 
Watch the video to witness Nimrat and Parambrata #BringBackTheTouch.

Words can lie. Looks can deceive. But a touch…… it reveals the truth. In the rush to keep up with life, couples can become blind to simple things which can keep the spark alive. It’s not the lack of love, but a lack of passion. One way to reignite the spark is through the sensual experience of touch. Parachute Advansed Body Lotion believes you can #BringBackTheTouch. But first you need to awaken your sensual self. Touch, feel, caress, discover, #BringBackTheTouch.
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