Delectable Kuih Pisang Dessert – Courtesy of Singapore …
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Delectable Kuih Pisang Dessert – Courtesy of Singapore …

Hey Everyone,

Singapore is one of the hot listed countries in South East Asia. Singapore is a food obsessed country with wonderful tourist spots and shopping destinations as well. Singapore is a foodie paradise.

I had visited Singapore once when I was in school with my dad on his official tour. We visited  stalls and restaurants. We went to popular places and did  some street shopping too. It was truly an enjoyable experience.

They say ” When in Rome do as Romans do”, similarly “When in Singapore, do as the Singaporeans do: eat great food”. I am a vegetarian. Though most of the dishes had fish,chicken and pork, there was so much variety in Vegetarian soups,rice,noodles and desserts. Singaporean people love all things spicy. A local native of Singapore told us on our trip that they have food 5 to 6 times per day.


Singaporean dishes contains ingredients like sweet potatoes, red beans, lotus and attap seeds, pandan leaves, soy, sago,  coconut milk etc.

The specialty of this country is that a single trip to Singapore gives you an opportunity to taste dishes from the different parts of the world like China,Malaysia,Thailand,Indonesia etc. The unique Singaporean food offers you a blend of flavors.  Food from Singapore actually hails from everywhere and they are assembled into something totally unique.

I thought it will be nice to write about my favourite Singaporean dessert today.

Eating is the Singapore Spirit.  There are plenty of tropical fruits to eat in Singapore like rambutans, mangosteen, longan, lychee, durian, berries,banana and mango.

Indian Singaporean cuisine consists of food consumed in Singapore that are originally derived from India. I never knew that Singapore has a varied selection of Indian Singaporean cuisine too. I was delighted to try a dessert from this range on my trip to Singapore and I am talking about this dessert below.


People have a love hate relationship with bananas it seems. Clearly I’m on the latter side.  Funny, I hate bananas but I love them when they are baked into spongy cakes and added with caramelisation . I am not a fan of fresh ripe bananas die to their pulpy form, but I love it in cakes.

Even though I hate Bananas, I think it was a pretty cool experience to try this dessert in Singapore made of king of fruits (Banana). Whether consumed as it is, blended into milk shake, or used as a topping, banana is an important part of the Singaporean diet.We call it king of fruits because here in Kerala and most of the states banana is a multi tasker. We use its leaf for having feast, use the green one as a vegetable, use it as toppings in salads and ice creams, we use it as a combination with our breakfast recipe puttu and we even keep it as a prasad/offering to the lord.


This banana cake is a must-try! It is so easy to cook and turns out to be soft and fluffy. Tuck into this traditional Indian Singapore dessert when you are in Singapore. You owe it to yourself to try it.

The first time I gulped down a bowl of Kuih Pisang  (a few years ago) was a kind of some revelation. It was like my first air journey; first sip of wine, or my first android experience.It was something very peculiar and special.

Kuih Pisang literally screams covered bananas for extra decadence and banana love in meaning!. I love the yumminess of this cake.

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The Ingredients in this dessert are ripe kepuk or tanduk bananas, steamed until done, mung bean (hunkwe) flour, coconut milk, granulated sugar, salt, vanilla and
banana leaves, for wrapping.

This is how this dessert is made – The ripe steamed bananas are peeled and cut diagonally to a thickness about 1cm and set aside. The mung bean flour is diluted and mixed with coconut milk and set aside. The remaining portion of coconut milk is boiled after adding sugar, salt and vanilla. Now the mung bean flour mixture is also added to the above and stirred until the dough is thick and done.

The banana leaf is then cut into the desired size, a teaspoon of the above dough is placed on it with a slice of banana and topped with another teaspoon of dough. Both sides of the leaf are folded to cover the dough, then tucked in at both ends.Leave the dough to cool and set.

Getting your dessert fix from Singapore got a lot easier with this Kuih Pisang.The desserts has an extensive list of selections too. You can have this Kuih Pisang for breakfast, as a healthy snack or appetizer.

When served with caramel syrup or vanilla oozing out, you will feel like you are in heaven the moment you sink your fork into it. The result is a blissful treat of heart melting Kuih Pisang perfectly complemented by the caramel and vanilla flavors.

As soon as I took a bite for the first time, it was an explosion of flavors in my mouth – with the ultra smooth vanilla, rich coconut milk and the fluffy flour dough . Even if you’re really full, you’ll definitely have to make space for this wonder.

I love to have Kuih Pisang. What food do you enjoy the most when you are in from Singapore? Check out Far East Hospitality Website for more such recipes and details on travel.