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My dream 24K home with Porcelanosa !

Happy Hours Campaign Entry

Hey All,

Do you dream of buying a house with your own hard earned money?  I do and so can you. Dreams have no limits. What would your ideal dream home be? Is it a house with a lot of room and space for organizing with a big courtyard or garden?
I was asked this question “Describe your dream house” when I went to an interview and guess what I answered. I said my dream home (not house) would make every room and place in my house actually open to the sky which left the panel people awestruck. I know it’s almost impractical coz the very purpose of having a house is for shelter. I’m pretty sure my dream-house fantasy is just a rip-off with this idea but I don’t give a damn about it. There is nothing wrong in dreaming.
Just as I mentioned it home, there came the next question – What is the difference between house and home”.  A house is just a building with four sides, walls and a roof. A home is where I live. It is filled with love, care and emotions which have endless boundaries.
We all adore Barbie. Barbie‘s home is made of pink and plastic but that doesn’t mean it is our cup of tea too na? Every individual will have unique preferences. Imagine if money is no object ion, what kind of a perfect place do we desire for? It is the money that matters to convert your dream house into reality. But wait I just found some luxurious home decor products with an affordable price tag.
Kitchen and bath products as beautiful as the little village in the Mediterranean where Porcelanosa was born. Come; soak in the awe-inspiring atmosphere created by the industry leader. Hold your breath as the world-celebrated Porcelanosa ventures into Asia for the first time with Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. for their luxury brand #24KLiving.
It’s not always about the inside about the homes, but it’s mainly all about the furniture, decor and accessories that decides how the house looks like.  I’m excited to create and share a building that I love!!” Shall we move to a virtual tour of my dream 24K home with Porcelanosa and the products with which I would like to build my dream home?
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I love love the Modul Mint style.
KRION offers four styles namely The Almond, SP Concept, Modul and Epoque with different design concepts. The design is practical and trend-setting. These designs come with easily repairable, easy-to-clean material which is perfect for anybody with a busy routine. The compact mineral solid surface can be used for shower columns, shower trays, counter tops and washbasins. They feature classic symmetrical shapes in addition to curved rounded ones. It reflects a clear commitment to innovation and design, transforming bathrooms into a new experience in well being.
This is my dream bathroom in my dream home – a simple and elegant freestanding tub that sits beautifully with the background. Relax, cleanse and dress up with in this minty world. Sink with your favourite bubble wash and you’ve got the perfect spot to take a break. It is time to escape into paradise.
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Kitchen furniture:

Being a woman, Kitchen turns out to be the most important space in the home and is the centre of activity in family life. Porcelanosa design kitchens to be functional with versatile spaces that make daily tasks easier. Different kitchen components, such as glass, counter tops, fronts or shelves, and designs adapted to storage needs, with pillars, tall cupboards and integrated domestic appliances are introduced.
I liked this design G100 Camel / Hueso because this adds a modern twist to the classic kitchen style. I love the structure of the kitchen as it is absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of my dream Kitchen. This will always be part of my dream home. It also maximizes the space and has enough room for storage.
Image Source

Wardrobes and Dressing Rooms

While designing a wardrobe full advantage must be taken of space to obtain optimum results. I am a makeup addict and hoarder. I have so much things lying here and there. This kind of a set up makes it really easy. Everything has to be in place. Ordering your belongings makes them more practical and an appropriate lay-out makes them more effective.
Porcelanosa designs can be fully integrated into every type of space distribution and setting. It offers a multitude of styles with different finishes, such as natural or stained wood, matt or polished lacquers and laminates. For this reason, Porcelanosa produces wardrobes and dressing rooms with endless types of drawers and accessories for the perfect lay-out and storage of your belongings
I liked the Foc Roble Cacao / Blanco Superior Textil style. It is a perfect bedroom dressing room with slide robes.  It has a place to sit. I can try on shoes, read my favourite blogs and take time out for tea. A hidden storage along with the wall gives you extra place to keep things.
Image Source

Anti-slip flooring:

With Nanoker technology, anti-slip versions of ceramic flooring are introduced. It has a uniform texture on the surface of the tiles which is long-lasting and requires little maintenance. The design maintains the original standards of safety.  It is perfect for those who keep falling (like me! I fall atleast once in a day else I don’t sleep 😀 )  It is useful if you have old aged people in your family.
STON-KER® Non-slip floor tiles – Trafic Cemento Silver 59,6 x 59,6 cm below:
Image Source

Indoor furniture:

The unique design, natural beauty, quality and comfort of its chairs, stools and tables help to set kitchens apart from all the rest.
Table – Seven Roble Coco Vintage
Chairs – Seven Roble Coco Vintage && Seven Roble Blanco Cal
Image Source

KRION  kitchen worktops: 

PORCELANOSA kitchen worktops are developed with a high-tech material and mineral compound that is capable of withstanding high temperatures without alteration its appearance. I love the warm stain resistant surface and pleasant feel. Sinks can be integrated into the worktop. This design stands out from many materials used to make kitchen worktops. KRION offers high design potential, range of over one hundred colours and anti-bacterial surfaces.
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STON-KER® Ceramic Stone:

Known as the Porcelanosa ceramic stone, STON-KER is a remarkably resistant material with a surface that is unaffected by even the most extreme conditions.
STON-KER® wall tiles – Portland Arena 59,6 x 59,6 cm
STON-KER® floor tiles – Portland Arena 59,6 x 59,6 cm
Image Source
Porcelanosa offers just what I need for my home. I now have some new requirements to add to my dream house list!

Go to http://www.24kliving.com/ and check more such designs!

This post is written for Happy Hours on Indiblogger in association with 24kliving !