Take a big leap and conquer the fear with Mountain Dew !
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Take a big leap and conquer the fear with Mountain Dew !

Fear is the oldest and strongest of human emotions. Perhaps the most famous fear quote of all time that I came across is “The only thing we have to fear is fear it’self – nameless, unreasoning, unjustified, terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”
The list of “Phobia’s” is never ending. To name a few are Fear of water, Fear of height, Fear of snakes and so on. In any area of life, there are times when we feel struck.  There is some sort of unknown fear within our minds that leads of resistance which in turn obstructs the progress and developments in our life.
There are huge fears we carry within and are very aware of and there are little fears in our sub conscious mind we may not even realize we have.Everyone experiences fear in their life. There is nothing wrong in that. It is the process of overcoming that fear which is very vital for an individual to succeed.The problem is that most of us cling to the fears and aren’t ready to face it.
I was also in a similar situation. I was a very smart girl right from my childhood, Everyone used to call me brilliant and lucky. Even if I don’t study at all, I some how top every examinations. While everyone will be going through their books tensed during the last moment in the exam hall, I always kept calm and ate a chocolate. I was good in all extra curricular activities too.
I won the university second rank when I completed graduation from college. There were only a few campus placement interviews going on with thousands of competitors. I studied Visual Communication. I was scared of giving the interviews. Most of the companies hiring were MNC’s and we were supposed to give written test, face to face interview, objective test and public speech. Most of them had topics which are in no way related to my degree subject. My HOD, professors and friends supported me and encouraged me telling I should always be the best. I successfully passed the process and I got placed in Wipro.

I wrote Bank test without going for any training and my mind was fully covered with fear. I cleared the Bank test and I joined SBI. It was the turning point in my life. Just imagine where is media and where is finance. Many people tried to pull me down by saying and informing all unwanted myths. I had no hopes of performing well. It is the inspiration from the great people whom you consider as role models in your life, your family and friends that changes the way you think. When I look back at where I begin, I definitely see a lot of improvements. I cleared JAIIB and CAIIB exams in a single attempt without any coaching and me having no finance background. Everyone said its tough and impossible for me but I put in my best efforts. I have to travel everyday to work and I find little spare time. I utilized my time well and planned wisely. At the end of the day, I realise that nothing is impossible. Fear is just an illusion of mind, I strongly believe that failures are the stepping stone to success.
I still remember my first day at Bank. There were some 50 members and we were sent to a training centre in Chennai for a month. When we were requested to present a vote of thanks before the officers bearers of the union, none of the trainees were ready. I was going through a war in my mind and I thought it is always better to try than to remain silent. After ten minutes, I somehow gained courage and walked up to the stage to present my speech. I trembled a bit and forgot a few names but then I gave the speech well. Always make sure you overcome your fear and make use of the opportunities that come before you. Opportunities come only once and if you use those opportunities wisely, you will be the luckiest person on the earth.
I risked my entire career to overcome my fear but then I came out successful.
Here’s the Mountain Dew India film in Tamil that captures Arya’s journey from fear to victory! Arya fears heights and darkness but then he did #GoBeyondLimits to climb mountains for Dew.

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