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Book Review : Carnival by Litizen

Question is, what do you do when life gives you choices.

  • A man starving for a week has nothing but rotting banana peels with him.
  • A surgeon operating on his peer who has been threatening to expose his malpractice.
  • Three best friends after one girl in a college where boys outnumber girls three to one.
  • Last man on Earth reasons with Robots to preserve relics of human civilization.
  • Disillusionment a young woman feels the night before her Clitoridectomy
  • A little boy who just can’t keep out of trouble, his uncle’s way or the family mango room.
  • A man on a macabre island where humans are hunted for vicarious pleasure.
Many of us will be in these kind of situations at some point of time in our life isn’t it? This is all Carnival is about.The authors are in these kind of situations – Some Exciting, Some Hilarious and by reading the short stories we come to know how they take it and react to the particular situation.
Carnival represents happiness.

Authored By: Rishabh Chaturvedi, Sreelatha Chakravarty, Aparna Sundaresan, Shawn Pereira, Ketaki Patwardhan, Muna Hussen, Dushyant Shekhawat, Sharath Komarraju, Vivek Banerjee, Rohit Das, Sheela Jaywant
Edited By: Aparna Sundaresan
Foreword By: Rishabh Chaturvedi
Illustrated By: Vivek Goel
Publisher: Litizen.com (2013)

Price: Rs.199/-

Carnival is a book with collection of Short stories by Litizen.com
Litizen Shorts Carnival consists of 15 stories across multiple genres like Thriller, Humour, Romance, Sci-fi, Emotional, Adventure and many more.
The first thing that I like about this book is it’s written in a simple and understandable language. It’s easy to read and it suits the taste of almost everyone as it is multiple genre. Anyone from a child to adult can read this irrespective of the age.
The book starts with a story called Rhode Island by Rishabh Chaturvedi.It revolves around a picturesque island where humans and islands are hunted for pleasure.I could feel the images in my mind while reading this one. The story is about an oil millionaire from Russia and his brother- Mikhail and Victor.I loved the way the author has portrayed the character of Alexandre.I couldn’t understand the ending properly.I had to read it thrice again but I enjoyed going through this particular short story.
Smile by Aparna Sunderesan is one of my favourites. It’s all about the feeling of smile and the author speaks about a stranger guy who gained her attention and fails to smile at her inspite of meeting every day at the railway station. Loved each and every line and it’s written in a simple and effective 
manner.This story has left footsteps on my heart as I have had a similar experience like the author.
‘The Music Shop’ by Sharath Komarraju is definitely a hit. It’s about how Aman meets himself in a world that travels in opposite direction with time. He comes to know how he will demise in future and tries to change his way of ending life even though the moment has passed and can’t be reversed. Teaches a lesson that past is past and future can’t be altered. All that matters is the present. Hats off to the writer. Very well written.
Morarka House by Rishabh is about the greedy nature that humans have. Mocks and preaches.
Opportunity Knocks but Once by Sheela Jaywant is about malpractice by a doctor and how another person from the same profession threatens him.
Agni by Sreelatha Chakravarty  is about the agni pariksha that Sita had to undergo because of Ram’s complex and ego.It is a thought provoking one which gives an idea that all woman are not the same and have feelings of their own and shouldn’t be mistreated.
Envy by Sharath Komaraju is a scientific fiction related to robots and their relationship with humans.
Shawn Pereira’s To tango with mango is a comedy story and made me laugh.I guess you will find out that it provides comic relief by reading the title itself.I love this title.
 Grandma’s Secret by Rohit Das is an emotional story and has an element of shock with an unexpected ending. It’s a unique story with a twist.
Skin by Muna Hussen is an old tradition based story which is about the sensitive portrayal of a girl.The author throws light on the modern society.
The Girl on Train by Ketaki Patwardhan is a suspense based story and is a thriller.
Ayesha , Black sails, and Carnival are some of the best ones in the book.
I haven’t read this book fully yet but I have read through most of the stories.The book has never disappointed me.It thrills and excites me. I want to read and read and doesn’t want the book to end. Makes me curious to know what’s next.I read this while travelling to work and got so hooked to it.
You will come to know about the genre only when you finish a particular story.
I love the cover image and editing of this book.
I never expected a book by new authors to be this great. Kudos and thumbs up to the entire team.
Buy this one and you won’t regret it. I am sure you will like it.
You can get this from Amazon India Website.

Have you read this book.If so whats your favourite story in this book?

Disclaimer- Book sent for review purpose by Literati