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Simply Complicated by Shreya Prabhu Jindal Book Review!

* Book sent by the PR for review purpose

Hey sweeties,

Life isn’t fun if its not a little complicated and its also not fun when it is complicated. Being unsure of what happens next is a major part of our everyday life.


You didn’t think it was going to be easy, did you? To move on. To break up. To find someone else … Molested in a nightclub, Aastha is left shaken and reeling. Thankfully, her best friend, Sameer, is a source of constant support, but he’s already in a rocky long-distance relationship with Karuna. Their friends Padmini and Rahul love each other, yet forever seem to be on the verge of breaking up. And as life takes its own course, each of them begins to grapple with their own issues.Where and with whom will they end up? And where will their relationships finally take them? Simply Complicated is a glimpse of life as it is – with a few good laughs and dozens of knotty problems.

Simply Complicated by Shreya Prabhu Jindal Book ReviewPrice: Rs 199

My Thoughts:

Life is like a book and every time it unfolds it doesn’t bring everything that you expected. Suddenly something or the other comes out of nowhere to wreck your day. What really matters is not what life throws at you but how you handle it. Things wont remain the same forever. It gets better,  hurt less over time.As I always say only time can heal.

Simply Complicated is a story about four friends who are in complicated relationships and have complex lives.

The friends in this story namely four people- Aastha,Padmini,Rahul and Sameer are not exactly living the best part of their life. Aastha has her bestie Sameer by her side. He is her best friend and cares for her a lot.

The story begins when the four friends go to a night club. Aastha gets molested which leaves her scared. Sameer is supportive to her  and calms her whenever she is reminded of the bitter experiences.

Sameer is in a relationship with Karuna. Sameer and Karuna have been having difficulty in their long distance relationship as Karuna’s parents have found her perfect match. Karuna’s parents fails to understand her emotions and instead forces her to marry their choice. Karuna has no other option and always seem like she might break up with Sameer even though she doesn’t want to.

20141215_111347Padmini and Rahul who are a part of this friends circle is in love for four years. They have plenty of issues in the relationship. They keep fighting often and then makes up.

There are twists in the story for each character. It begins when four of them goes for a trip to Goa. Aastha realizes that she has feelings for Sameer and Sameer thinks he has hurt Aastha. Karuna’s engagement gets finalized with a malayali Joseph.

I love the loose end that the author has given to this story where we dont know about Sameer and Aastha. We dont know about Karuna. We dont know if Rahul and Padmini gets married and lives happily forever.

Simply Complicated written by Shreya Prabhu Jindal is a very engaging book where you find characters struggling with their relationships, jobs and coping up with parental pressure. Their problems are more serious and true to life.

The narration moves at a fast pace in between. The author has interwoven and connected the characters well. The story is appealing as a whole. I dont like the individual characters but when linked together it is good. I didn’t expect the book to be engaging but it made me hooked to it.

20141215_111457It is an interesting read which is perfect for time pass. I love the title and cover image as well. It is an easy crisp read. Have fun with this book and a cup of coffee. You wont realize how time flies. If you are in a relationship you will come to know about the problems and you might find some of the answers for your doubts.

20141215_111529I recommend you to read this book atleast once. It is not one of those books that you wont read again and again, it is one of those books which you did like to read once. I must tell you it is very entertaining and the story is very mature and practical.

About the Author:

20141215_111510An English honours graduate from St Stephen’s College, Shreya Prabhu Jindal currently teaches English in Vasant Valley School, Delhi. She started writing in 2003, when, at age thirteen, she discovered the existence of fan fiction. She has continued to read and write fan fiction since, and enjoys it immensely. Shreya has also dabbled in scriptwriting. In 2009 she co-scripted a short film, Kuch Spice to Make It Meetha, for MadMidaas Films. The film, which stars Purab Kohli and Nauheed Cyrusi, was an instant hit on YouTube when it was uploaded in February 2012. Another Chance at Life was her debut novel.