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"The Saga of Agni" by Arka Chakrabarti

The Secrets of the Dark : The Debt of Blood is Never Repaid by Arka Chakrabarti

Hi Everyone,

“The Secrets of the Dark” is the first part of a series called “The Saga of Agni” by Arka Chakrabarti. It’s a fantasy thriller. You get introduced to land of kings, guardians, super powers and theories. The cover image is apt and conveys a lot about the book. The cover image represents many hooded people and an image of one red hooded person guarding a globe.

Fantasy Fiction and Myth lovers will like this book. Fantasy is a great genre. It is not my cup of soup but yes now a days I dnt shy away from such books. I became a fan of mythical books after reading the works of Mr. Genius, Amish Tripathi. Fantasy books are difficult to write and involves hard work and high risk. I truly appreciate Arka for the efforts on bringing out this novel.

"The Saga of Agni" by Arka Chakrabarti

The plot portrays the mystical lands of Gaya which is divided into two parts as the land of the rising sun and the land of the setting sun. There’s a prophesy prediction that a destroyer born from a royal family will be responsible for the destruction of mankind. The duty to protect mankind is on the seven guardians of Gaya.

One king decides to save his child Agni prince from the face of impending death by the guardians. Agni is taken away from his kingdom in the land of the setting sun to the land of the rising sun.  He is brought up as a ward with the son of the king of Himadri, Prince Yani, and Vrish, the son of Briksha who brought Agni to Himadri. They are his foster family. Both Agni and Vrish are wards. He grows up there not knowing his real identity or destiny.

"The Saga of Agni" by Arka Chakrabarti

Then a calamitous incident happens in which his lady love and her father are mercilessly killed. On a festive night, the ship carrying Briksha and Malini is fired. Malini leaves a clue and puts Agni and Vrish on the quest to find the real culprits who intentionally planned a conspiracy . Agni and Vrish are forced to leave searching  for the murderer. This search slowly guide him towards his true identity unearthing many deep dark hidden secrets and exacting revenge upon those responsible for his loved ones’ death. There are other sub-plots in this book but the main theme revolves around Agni and his journey to find the ‘Who Did It’.

Three ancient prophecies that bind together the East and the West and form the foundation of the beliefs of the world. How Agni unravels the third prophecy and assumes his true role in the larger scheme of things is the central theme of book.

"The Saga of Agni" by Arka Chakrabarti

Author has shown the spirits of true friendship between Agni , Yani & Vrish. There is a sub plot of Princess of Leu , Lysandra, depicted as the warrior princess who leads the army . Lysandra is accompanied by the trust of his brother Damian , love of his father and the back of his generals. Instances like the thorough Tournament , Bali’s Brother setting on fire and Lysandra’s war Strategy to conquer Alexandria leaves the reader spell bound.

Author has a different way of writing and capturing readers attention. The places are described with clarity. I loved the sketch of Gaya. I could imagine and visuslise few events described in the book. There are some grammatical / spelling errors. The editing needs to be improved. The plot, title and tagline doesnt connect well.  If you are hooked to this book, you can ignore these minor flaws. The ending was little abrupt and confusing. The language is simple and I understood the book well. The pace of narration, characters of Agni, the ‘one’ and Princess Lysandra are well done. The story is filled with emotions , thrill , fear , betrayal and surprises .

"The Saga of Agni" by Arka Chakrabarti

The book engrossed me right from the beginning.  The effort put by Arka is evident from his writing. I Recommend this book. Happy Reading. I hope that the next book will be much better and interesting.


Is one born with his destiny or does he forge it?

In the mystical land of Gaya, two prophecies bind the fate of men and empires alike. The Destroyer born from the royal seed on the Land of the Setting Sun shall bring the empires down, or so has been foretold.

In between the Destroyer and the world stand the Seven Guardians of Gaya, guarding the realm of man. A king, a father, defies the Seven and fate itself to save the last drop of his blood and prince Agni grows in the Land of the Rising Sun, exiled from his own people, unaware of his past.

Losing the woman he loved most to the shadows in the dark, Agni is thrown into a whirlpool of events that he neither knows, nor understands. His quest for vengeance brings him to the doorstep of a secret that will shatter the very foundation of beliefs of a world.

Can Agni avert his destiny? Can he uncover the truth about the Seven and the prophecies, now hidden behind a veil of ignorance?

The secrets of the dark are sometimes so terrible that they are better left unsaid. 

"The Saga of Agni" by Arka Chakrabarti


  • Title: The Secrets of the Dark
  • Author: Arka Chakrabarti
  • Genre: Ficton
  • Publishers: Shrishti Publications
  • Price: INR. 195

"The Saga of Agni" by Arka Chakrabarti

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