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Look Fit with Zivame!

Hello All,

I had heard many people including my friends saying they don’t use sports Bra, as they are not into Sports or Physical activities and don’t wear them.  This post is for awareness, to the ones who don’t prefer them.

Sports bra was invented in 1977 by Lisa Lindahl for the ones who used to go for surgery to reduce breast size to participate in Sports, athletics and many fields of sports. As regular bras can’t give comfort and stability while doing exercise, jogging, and sports activities, sports bra can be your go-to bra.

Zivame Sports bag

First, let me explain what a Sports Bra is: They’re meant to be worn during tasks that require action. Sports bras are specifically designed for working out. And are designed to keep breasts in place, they often provide a little more coverage than the average bra, and are seen as more acceptable to wear alone in public. Most of the women will put on a loose tank top or another shirt over a sports bra for their personal shyness, and some women feel comfortable and confident in just the sports bra. 

Even I had heard many of my peers saying that they wear a sports bra even if they don’t work out because it looks cute, and is super comfortable as there’s no underwiring.

I would like to highlight some main advantages of Sports Bra, compared to regular ones:

  • It avoids discomfort:

The ones, who go for gym, or for a walk, get benefited from this, as even low impact exercises like stretching or jogging can be discomforting if the breasts are not held in place. Worthy quality sports bras are aimed to grip movement and motion. So when you get moving, your sports bra will provide extreme care and hold your breasts decisively, making a sports bra way more relaxed than its regular counterpart.

  1. It helps in reducing breast pain:

Sometimes we feel pain in breasts after exercising. As sports bras are intended to limit the movements of breasts, users often report less or no pain at all even after hard workouts. If you face breast pain after working out, you may want to see an expert to help you get the best fitting sports bra for comfort, safe and sound fit.

  1. It helps to avoid foul gazes:

One of the major rewards of wearing a sports bra is that it helps avoid foul gazes and peeps while working out, and otherwise. A worthy quality sports bra fits warmly around the upper trunk and holds the breasts in place to a major extent. It also reduces awkward and stroppy moments. 

  1. Great alternatives to regular bras:

As they don’t have the same type of straps as a regular bra, they are easy to put on and take off. Also, they don’t leave any marks on the skin. They provide supreme support to your breasts and they are relaxed.

  1. They are considered to be healers after injury or cosmetic surgery:

In the after weeks of breast surgery or breast growth procedures, specialists are known to vouch for wearing sports bras.

I am not saying its mandatory; that’s really a personal choice. As sports bras are intended to keep breasts in place, provides a little more handling than the average bra and are seen as more satisfactory to wear alone in public. Both the ways, the choice should be made for your own comfort, as the last thing anybody wants to be while working out is discomfort.