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Birla Sun Life Insurance #KhudKoKarBuland !

Hey All,

Many of us believe that our lives are bound by what we call as ‘Destiny’ or ‘Fate’ set in our Stars. Yet there are some who believe that life is a journey and we are the captain of our own ship. To whichever category we may belong to, Life is like a road with turns, twists, humps and bends full of ups and downs. Do we have a say in what happens to us in our life?  The way we act determines the reaction of many events around us.  Pain in life is obviously inevitable but suffering is optional.


This is one of my favourite quotes – “Happiness is not the absence of problems; it’s the ability to deal with them.” – Steve Maraboli.

This beautiful video by Birla Sun Life Insurance conveys a strong message that we are our own boss and in control of our destiny, but at the same time, we should plan and prepare ourselves for those unpleasant surprises that life throws to us.

The video features an inspirational story of Madan, a hardworking & earnest man.  He undergoes a by-pass surgery and as a result, let go of his job. His job gave him true satisfaction and joy. His boss is aware of that too. The boss visits Madan in the hospital. He generously offers Madan’s son, Suraj, his father’s job. Madan politely refuses the offer. He is determined to let his son follow his dreams. He says, “My son doesn’t have to learn how to fix appointments for someone else. The only thing he should be learning is to give appointments”.

By facing the challenges and overcoming the obstacles put in our way, life teaches us to LIVE!  We should continue to fight and never stop trying.  And like Madan, if you have planned for and saved for the future, any path in life becomes easier.

One of my friends suddenly had to face many problems at a stretch. He had taken an educational loan from bank for his graduation but due to some bad incidents at college, he couldn’t continue the course. He then completed the course through distance education from another university. He and his family forgot about the loan. Years later, he was in trouble because of the unpaid loan. He had to undergo a lot of discomfort due to financial problems at his home. He stayed calm, never lost his cool and just followed his heart. He discussed with the bank for an One Time Settlement. The bank agreed to waive the interest. He quit from the job and with the PF amount he paid back the loan principal outstanding. He then started his own business which later became successful. He is a happy person now. From his incident, I learnt to face every adversity with a smile. Hardships are not ongoing.  Just like a coin has two sides, problems will have some solution. It is the confidence and courage that matters.  I realized how beautiful life is. Living for loved ones, chasing passions, helping others etc. are truly precious moments.

Be the master of the game and come out fearlessly.  Financial security is one of the important factors to ensure that your loved ones are happy. Make wise investments to fulfil your dreams.

#Khudkokarbuland reminds us to keep our spirits high.  At the end of the day, life is hard for all of us but how you react and how prepared you are – Khud Ko Kar Buland makes all the difference.