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Behind Every Good Kid is a Great Dad!!

Hey All,

SBI Life Insurance has recently launched a campaign on the theme of ‘Are you a Great Dad?’ The ad starts with an army man coming back from his duty and waiting eagerly outside the child’s school to receive him. The son happily rushes into his father’s arms. The father gives a piggyback to his son, before the mother interrupts to get the child ready for school. The child imitates the actions of his father’s like polishing his shoes. The child almost falls asleep on the sofa while reading a story book. The father gets there just in time to cushion his fall. The narrative explains how ‘great dads’ make sure to take care of their children even in their absence. The film ends with a voice over saying, ‘zindagi haske bitayenge’.

You can watch the video below:

What makes a #GreatDad? What will be your reply? Well, I don’t know the answer. All I have heard during my childhood is that Fathers don’t pay attention, they don’t involve too much and they never bond close.

A  #GreatDad can make a huge difference in your life as a pillar of constant strength, support and discipline. A daddy’s act is thankless. A   #GreatDad is one who is disciplined. He should disapprove any misdeeds done by the kid through love and power of his words and not by indulging in any violent methods. A #GreatDad is one who knows everything (like changing diapers, tying shoes etc.). He is the one who can read your mind even when you are afraid to open up. A  #GreatDad is one who is forgiving. He realises that making mistakes is a part of growing up. He gives you a stern warning with a warm hug. He has lots of patience.


A  #GreatDad is one who lets you to be yourself. He neither doesn’t impose things on you nor expect you to be like him. He understands your taste and preferences and doesn’t set any standards of his era. A good father teaches you not to point out the mistakes or hurt other feelings. He makes you appreciate things. He loves you unconditionally, never hurts you. He enjoys every moment of his fatherhood.

I am happy to write about my dad as a part of this campaign. My dad has proved that being a #GreatDad isn’t about holding the baby, dressing him/her the right way, playing with him/her or being able to drop your kid at school. Being  a #GreatDad starts with being a good husband. My mom and dad are married for 25+ years now and I am awestruck seeing how easily they overcame the downs in the relation. There were bitter moments but they are still together inspite of that. Dad is always there for me to whenever I need a heavy lift. My dad has never been over-protective. He has a practical approach and makes my world less scary. He has encouraged me a lot in studies and job. He has helped me in gaining so much knowledge.  My Dad is somehow who is always there for me by my side with a reassuring presence or a comforting pat. Even when he’s not physically present with me, all I do is hear his voice deep inside my mind especially when I am confused or confronted with issues. I am a successful person today because of my dad. I have a university rank in UG and I am working in SBI. At present, I am 23 years old but I still remember the first moment when I held his hand and started walking. My dad is my inspiration. He has not studied much but still he got the best job. He knows many languages. He is a proof that education is not a measure of success. A #GreatDad is a hero like superman. A #GreatDad sets an example with his way of living.

My favourite quote is “I am not ashamed to say that no man I ever met was my father’s equal, and I never loved any other man as much.” – Hedy Lamarr

Thanks to dear god for giving and gifting me a great daddy. Daddy, you are a blessing. I take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done for me to keep me smiling every time.

P.S: Sponsored Story. My views are 100%  honest.