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My Money Book for a long and happy life – Exide Life

Hey All,

Our lives are getting longer due to the technological developments and hence come the need to plan well for the years ahead. Everyone has dreams for the future.  Some of us want to travel around the world, others want to learn a new skill and some others might want to buy a house. Some of you would like to give-up a crappy job.

Exide Life Insurance wants to help people prepare financially so that your long life is a happier one. Check out how the couple in the video plan their future. The video features a husband celebrating a happy today as he has planned his future well and in-advance too. He shows a hand-made book ‘Our Long and Happy Life’ to his wife with the various financial phases of their life as a couple like a new car, own home and a world tour and even a peaceful retirement. The wife asks him ‘What about our today? He has it taken care of too.

Exide Life has created two books that work in tandem to guarantee your future happiness. The first is the My Long & Happy Life Scrapbook. With this book you can capture your past, present and future happiness. The second is the My Money Book which helps you in planning and organizing/recording financial engagements.


Life will happen along the way till we die. There will be setbacks and our priorities will change. Building a happy life is going to be a lifelong activity.  Life is short but there is so much stuff between its beginning and end that makes you feel life is long. Most of us want to lead long and happy lives and at the same time we’re clueless how to make the most out of it. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. So just like any other aspect of life, the pursuit of happiness demands planning too. Happiness will not to come to you because it is actually you who should make it happen by planning for it.  The journey to a happy life requires a roadmap. My Money Book is a simple, ready-to-use plan template or tool by Exide Life which can help you track your financial needs and investments. This Exide Life Insurance publication is a diary of your assets and liabilities in simple terms.


My Money book  helps you stay organized, is useful when you need it the most and is easy to use and maintain. You can plan your long and happy life with My Money Book. Kal Khoobsurat Hai. Keeping a track of everything will you assess where you stand from time to time.

Among the million big dreams that I am carrying in my heart, a few of them have always remained the same.  These are my plans for #MyLongHappyLife


Climbing the Career Ladder:

I want to get into a higher position in my career. They say if you aim for the stars, you will land in the sky. Similarly, I am aiming very high for a chairman or MD post. I wish to celebrate successes in my life, even if they don’t seem big enough. My dream is to become the best entrepreneur in the world. I am sure I will reach there some day.

Travelling to Dream Destinations:

I want to travel the world. By this I mean not only by Air, but by whatever means of transport that is efficient to get to a place. Travel also gives me the opportunity to discover and learn about different cultures. I want to travel to foreign countries too. I want to capture some amazing clicks in these places. Nature is always there and I want to walk through wooded forests, lush green serene places, heritage monuments, go scuba diving and also spot some wildlife. I want to go on a road trip by car and bike too. I want to travel with my soulmate, not alone.

Contributing for the Society:

I always have the urge to donate my organs like kidney, eyes or heart someday. I want to donate blood and I want spend art of time working for good things that is beneficial to the society. I wish to plant more trees. I don’t want to pretend to be a Mother Theresa but I want to care for our mother Earth and fellow beings. It is as simple as that.

I have many other dreams like My Big Day and Marrying My Dream Boy, Our Own House & Car, Having a kid, Mastering Foreign Languages like Chinese, spending time with family, stay connected with friends forever and Take good care of myself and the ones I love.

Exide Life’s My Long and Happy Life Scrapbook came as succumb to the kid inside me. The dreams need to fit our current desires or they may need an upgrade. To build your dreams, we must consider the things we would like to experience if money was no object. This scrapbook expands my mind and opens it up. I immediately started painting it with my creativity.

Exide Life Insurance offers a wide range of insurance policies, which provide a combination of risk covers, savings and investment for a well-planned life for a beautiful tomorrow. Find protection, savings & investment policies, at Exide Life Insurance to secure your future.

This post is a part of Exide Life #MyLongHappyLife Campaign