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Mumbai to Goa Self Drive – A Fascinating Journey

Hello All,

A Mumbai to Goa trip conjures up emotions of adventure and freedom, a chance to let one’s hair down and take a break from the daily grind of city life. The route via the NH17 is a thrilling ride via the beautiful mountain roads of the Western Ghats until they finally subside into the coastal terrain of Goa.


When the Road is as Important as the Destination

More and more informed travelers are choosing the self-drive route. Picking up a car for rental has become a more affordable option now and the privacy that one gets is unparalleled. Self-drive is a great choice when one is travelling to Goa in a large group, as there is more space. It also allows for more adventure, as one can deviate at interesting stops along the way, of which there are many on this iconic route.

Everything in Between

Panvel is one of the main stops and is considered the entrance to the Konkan region, and stops here include the Karnala Bird Sanctuary and the village of Pen, famous for being the place where Ganesha idols are made for the major festivals of Maharashtra. Located on the banks of the Vashishthi, Chiplun is a halfway stop where the road trip can be paused for a snack and a cup of tea before the journey towards Panaji begins. The other route that can also be chosen involves a drive further east via Pune and Satara, important towns of Maharashtra.

Explore Unfettered

Once in Goa, the advantage of a self-drive car is even more prominent. There is no place to party in India like Goa. And the long coastline offers splendid drives where one can discover all the best beaches of the state one by one. From romantic walks to some of the most Bohemian of gatherings, Goa can be experienced best when explored on one’s own terms. Regular taxis are expensive and two-wheeler can get tiring especially on hot, humid days. This is where having full control over transport helps.

Keeping it Simple

Enjoy the descent from the Western Ghats to the Konkan coast in a self-drive rented car and keep it for the rest of the vacation. Companies like Zoomcar offer several perks and affordable rates which can be adapted to suit the traveler’s needs. Why spend a large amount on a regular Mumbai to Goa taxi which does not cover the entire trip. Enjoy the experience of Mumbai to Goa along with the special moments and surprise discoveries that make such vacations unforgettable.


Cheers !!

Pratheebh TM