Three Clive Road Tea

Three Clive Road Tea Blend Review !!

Hello All, No. 3 Clive Road is a luxury Indian brand specializing in exquisite hand blended teas with natural ingredients, premium letter-pressed stationery and bespoke locally produced accessories.  The brand is founded by Radhika Chopra, and named after her father’s childhood home, No. 3 Clive Road, New Delhi. No. 3 Clive Road, bring you the art of tea through their family traditions with a modern sensibility. Their range of products evoke luxury, history and a timeless quality. [caption id="attachment_7930" align="alignnone" width="929"] The Perfect Cup of...Read More
Te.Cha Darjeeling Imperial Oolong Tea !

Te.Cha Darjeeling Imperial Oolong Tea !!

Hello All, I am a huge Tea Addict. Tea comes in different variations and flavors. Before choosing your favorite tea brand, one should make sure that the brand is organic and uses quality ingredients in its product.  I came across this brand ‘Te.Cha’. Te.Cha is the first specialty tea boutique in India offering a wide range of healthy tea blends including White tea, Green tea, Oolong tea, Black tea, and much more. I was sent ORGANIC DARJEELING IMPERIAL OOLONG TEA by Te.Cha...Read More
Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee

Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee !!

Hello All, I am a coffee addict and for me, it's more than an energy booster. My day always begins with a cup of coffee irrespective of chilly mornings or sunny ones. My friends call coffee as my drug. If you're a fan of coffee, just like me, I will give you yet another reason to pour yourself a second cup. For your daily coffee habit, Beanstalk & Leaves is here to add some buzz. Beanstalk & Leaves is an amazing brand that...Read More
I Am Girly Blog

Octavius Second Flush Darjeeling Tea !

Hi All, Octavius is a brand that provides us with a variety of teas. I had the chance to review samples of Octavius tea recently from their newly introduced range of tea collections. I made Octavius tea during my leisure hours in weekend and I really enjoyed every sip of that cup. They sell 7 variants of tea as of now and are planning to expand their range very soon. My review of their Second Flush Darjeeling Tea follows. I had a...Read More
Paperboat Drinks Anar

Paperboat Drinks Anar Review !

Hey All, Last month, I received a “Memories Box” by Paperboat  in my Mail. I was truly touched and amazed by their gesture. Paperboat Team sent me their new Anar drink variant in a cute tin box filled with hay containing two juice packs, post cards, letter, fridge magnet and some Handmade Ladoos ( The Team prepared the Ladoos themselves). Thank you Team Paperboat !! Paperboat Pomegranate Drink did take me back home to my childhood days. The Paperboat team is nice, friendly and cooperative. They have...Read More
Slice Alphonso

The new ‘Tropicana Slice Alphonso’ Review!

Hey All, What is the best thing that you like about summers?  Is it the long days, vacations or beaches?  For me summer season, brings only one favourite – Mango, the ‘king of fruits’ across India. The scorching heat of the summer season is welcomed and enjoyed with the delicious mango drinks. I love to stick an umbrella in the ice-cold mango drink with a few slices to sip away into the tropics. Mangoes are rich in Fiber,Antioxidants, Vitamin A...Read More