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5 Bollywood Traditional Looks Inspired From Alia Bhatt !!

Hello All, Alia Bhatt is one of the most talented, versatile and young actress in the entertainment industry who has pitched her dynamic essence in acting, dancing, singing and obviously fashionable appearance. Whether it is a Lakme Fashion Week and being a showstopper or casual day out like a girl next door, Alia’s traditional dresses or western wears have always won our hearts. Jump into the deep pool of best sorts of traditional attires worn and won by Alia Bhatt...Read More

Breaking News – Katrina Kaif goes missing!

Hey Everyone, Have you heard the latest rumours about Katrina missing from Bollywood? The glam diva and B queen Katrina Kaif has suddenly disappeared and no one knows where exactly she has gone. Social media is flooded with messages regarding her whereabouts. I am not presenting you with some kind of Bollywood trivia, mystery or talking about publicity stunts here but the hashtag #KatrinaMissing is trending on Twitter where everyone is having their own assumptions. The news has spread like...Read More

Celebrity Inspired Fashion Styles!

SponsoredHi,Celebrity Fashion has given us good inspiration to dress well at some point of our life. Don’t you enjoy looking at those whimsical trends sported by famous stars? Love it or hate it, I get carried away by their rocking looks. There is a quote which says “People stare at us, Make sure that their time is worthwhile”. Here are some the celebrity inspired trends that I love at the moment:1) Black Ball Dresses – Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Rosie Huntington, Heidi Klum,...Read More