When Is It Time For A Root Canal Treatment?

Hello All, Root canal treatment is a way of saving a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted, and once you lose a tooth, the others have room to grow in a misshaped manner. Root canal treatment is necessary for the following dental conditions: Bad Cavities – If a tooth has bad decay, rather than using veneers, the best solution would likely be a crown, which involves filing the tooth to a shape that will fit a crown. If...Read More

Dentyl Active Smooth Mint Mouthwash Review !

PR Sample Hey All,Bad Breath is a problem of everyone’s concern. Mouth wash is usually not a too interesting thing to include in your beauty routine. My gums are sensitive and prone to bleeding. A toothpaste and toothbrush alone doesn’t solve my problems.  My mouth is on fire whenever I use Listerine sort of heavy mouthwash. It gives me a feel that it is working but seriously it burns inside my mouth. I have been using the Colgate Green Tea...Read More