Trendy Worldcup Footwear !

Hello All, Every time you dress up, do you end up giving more attention to clothes? You need to focus on footwear too to get attention and stay trendy. World Cup every year brings in a lot of excitement. It is the time of the year where fun and cheer is evident among the masses. With World cup going on, more and more options for footwear have been coming in. In today’s post I will be talking about footwear trends...Read More

Himalaya Herbals For Him Intense Oil Clear Men’s Facewash Review !

PR Sample Hi All,Himalaya has recently entered the mens grooming segment with the launch of Intense Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash.I gave the sample I received to my BF before two-three weeks and he has been using it from that day and is about to finish the tube.I was really skeptical about posting this review on our girly blog but then the girls reading this blog can get a feedback of this product and recommend it to your guys.When I...Read More