Datsun’s redi-GO – The Best In Class !!

Hey All, Datsun is gearing up for the launch of the redi-GO in India. redi-GO is India's first ever urban cross. It seems like a dream launch for Nissan.The redi-Go is Datsun's third model in India. The previous ones were Go hatchback and Go+ MPV. redi-GO is a unique fusion of compact crossover & urban hatchback and offers the best of both worlds. redi-GO seems very compelling and looks like it is a head turner on the road. I would like to test redi-GO...Read More

Tokyo – My Dream Destination !!

Hey All, The best part about traveling is that the more you travel, the more you want to travel. Backpacking is such a craze for me. [caption id="attachment_4878" align="alignnone" width="900"] Image Source[/caption] In 2000, I visited many countries like Paris, Thailand, China and Malaysia as a part of sponsored tour arranged by the Company my dad worked for. I was a kid at that time. I enjoyed the experience. Those destinations were never been on my mind. Those places seemed so...Read More

Discover the Joy of Real Togetherness!

Hey All, There are times in my life when I long for togetherness with loved ones and there are times when I hate it too like sports, politics etc.  Many words define “togetherness” and many meanings exist if you check up a dictionary. I remember my childhood days when I used to walk or cycle to my school with my papa holdings his hands through the green leaves, windy breeze, lush flowers, blue sky and white clouds. I was always...Read More
Dabur introduces the Honey Diet

Honey Diet – A sweeter alternative !!

Hey All, Nutrition is an integral part of health. Poor nutrition and diet will affect our body's immunity. You will have to face many health consequences. Taking the right diet strengthens your overall well-being. A crash diet can be followed for an extreme weight loss but it isnt a healthy solution. It is often followed by side effects and emotional issues. When you diet, you are actually losing carbohydrate glycogen and not the actual fat. Burning of glycogen leads to dehydration...Read More

For the Love of Cricket #YuviSurfsUC !

Hey All, Nothing excites a sports lover like cricket. Cricket is the most popular and exciting sport throughout the world and especially in India. The fan following for cricket is immense these days. Most of the players are considered as gods and people even consider Cricket as their one and only religion. It will be no wrong to mention that Cricket is the nerve and blood for millions of people worldwide. While travelling in train every day, I see everyone...Read More

What Makes You Happy?

Hey Everyone, Everyone wants to be happy. In today’s world, many of us lead rushed and stressful lives and we are too focused on many things that we often forget about happiness. Forget that you are overloaded with work and take the time to explore what you really need to do to make yourself happy. Throw away those feelings of frustration and hopelessness. When things go wrong, wake up all over again. We all have bad days. Sometimes, it is...Read More

It’s all about being together !!

Hey Everyone, What happens to us in our life cannot be determined by us. It is upto the fate, god, destiny or whatever you call it. Life is always a roller coaster.  There are ups and downs in the journey or ride. Though we do not know what life brings to us, we can change the way we react to it. When life turns upside down, it is upto you to decide whether to stay down or get up. Having a positive attitude always help. I...Read More

Chase your dreams and #StartANewLife

Hello Everyone, I was brought up by my grandparents. Many people ask me if it was boring with no friends,school stress and depression due to missing parents. No, it was really fun.Most of us have fond memories of different things from our childhood. For me my most embraced memories is related to my childhood with my grandparents. I love my grandparents because they were inspiring and they never forced me to do anything which I didnt like. They let me...Read More

A Dose of Optimism!

Hello Everyone, Do you feel demotivated sometimes?  Do you often find yourselves sad and lost? Life is like two sides of a coin with ups and downs. Sometimes, you will have to face sunshine and you will have to face rains. I am a person who used to feel depressed for no reasons. There were times when I was surrounded by so many negative thoughts and confusions. Personal problems, stress, heartbreaks and other factors had taken its toll on me....Read More

Experience #UnconditionalLove with the Asus Zenfone 5! Pamper yourself!

Hello, Asus launched the Zenfone series of smartphones in India last year. The Zenfone 5, top-end model in the series with a 5-inch HD display is priced at Rs. 9,999. Can the Asus Zenfone be your perfect date? Let us find out in this post 5 reasons why the Asus Zenfone is your ideal Valentine! Asus Zenfone 5 is Beautifully Crafted, Just for You.  ZenFone5 has combined the best of the smartphone experience with powerful performance that will improve every aspect of your life....Read More

The Power of Truth !

Happy HoursHiya all,The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it. - Robert H. SchullerLie and Truth are like two sides of a same coin. Truth gives short term sadness and long term happiness.It’s the second part ie, speaking truth that is often the more difficult one. People lie because they wish to take the easy path.Saying the truth lands up you in so many troubles. Have you...Read More

Take a big leap and conquer the fear with Mountain Dew !

Nothing to discloseFear is the oldest and strongest of human emotions. Perhaps the most famous fear quote of all time that I came across is "The only thing we have to fear is fear it'self - nameless, unreasoning, unjustified, terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance."The list of "Phobia's" is never ending. To name a few are Fear of water, Fear of height, Fear of snakes and so on. In any area of life, there are times when...Read More

Speak up Via #AbMontuBolega !

Happy Hours Campaign Entry Strepsils which is the famous medicated sore throat lozenge Brand of India has successfully launched a campaign called #AbMontuBolega. The tagline of the campaign says “Kyunki bin bole ab nahi chalega, Strepsils ke saath #AbMontuBolega.” The concept of #AbMontuBolega campaign is to “Speak your Heart out! Khol Ke Bolo”.I watched the campaign ad on you tube to get a better idea. The campaign revolves around a central character called Montu who is wise but silent spectator....Read More

Bring Back the Touch !

Happy Hours Campaign EntryHey all,We all feel loved in different ways and in the same way there are numerous ways to exhibit your affection. Some of us like a kiss whereas for others it will be a touch, talking out the emotions, going on a trip etc.A little extra touch is comforting and can go a long way. The power of touch is really magical.I know how good it feels to get a tight hug, a reassuring pat on the...Read More

My dream 24K home with Porcelanosa !

Happy Hours Campaign EntryHey All,Do you dream of buying a house with your own hard earned money?  I do and so can you. Dreams have no limits. What would your ideal dream home be? Is it a house with a lot of room and space for organizing with a big courtyard or garden?I was asked this question “Describe your dream house” when I went to an interview and guess what I answered. I said my dream home (not house) would make every room and place in...Read More