Aveniro Glass Nail Files !!

Aveniro Glass Nail Files !!

Hey All, You would have read my review on Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files from Czech in my blog. Similarly, I received glass nail file products from Aveniro, a Czech company. They sell cute beauty accessories like makeup mirrors, glass files and sticks for manicure/pedicure. Their glass files are made of the Bohemian crystal and they are renown for their unlimited lifespan, efficiency, simple maintenance and particularly their positive effect on the nails health. Three of the files make a...Read More

Mont Blue Crystal Glass Nail Files and Tweezers from Czech Review!

PR Sample Hiya,*Feeling Lazy* Such a perfect weather for sleeping in today! The cool breeze... zzzz. Why am I up on a lazy Sunday?  First thing is that usually I sleep till 10 in the morning on holidays to get rid of the tiredness. Today, I have started walking and exercise sessions early morning. I have turned into a fitness freak from couch potato. I have gained more weight and I need to lose a few extra pounds quickly. I...Read More

Gold Elements Nail Care Kit – Supreme Review !!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Hi all,I got an opportunity to review the Gold Elements Nail Care Supreme Kit. The products came all the way from USA and landed safely here.It was sent by ordinary post and still my goodies were safe.You know that I am a lazy girl and not a nail art person. I suck at applying nail polish and my nails are weak and the cuticles always peel. I definitely needed some...Read More