Isn’t the spa experience an appealing one? But many of us don’t have the time and money for it.but we can create a simple spa with the products available at our home.Here are a few tips for you Things required:·         Bath robe or a similar dress·         Soft Towels·         Candles·         Flower petals·         Hair band ( to keep your hair out of face)·         Lotions and potions/tools·         Cleansers or liquid soaps·         loofahHow to do a body spaLay yourself on a quiet place such...Read More


No matter what kind of skin we all have, there are special facials that can improve the condition. But doing this every month is very I am here with a diy facial at homeBefore you get started wash your face with a face washSteps:Cleanser: Use a really good, gentle cleanse to prepare your skin for the facial treatment.Oil or rose water or Glycerin will help you.Facial Steamer: A facial steamer will open your pores and release impurities.If you don’t have a steaming...Read More


As promised in my previous post here are a few DIY recipes with chocolate:CHOCOLATE MASK FOR PEDICURE:Take 3 spoons Cocoa and mix it with 2 scoops base cream or lotion. I prefer using a cold cream without any fragrance as I am allergetic to it.Add a few drops of get a thick consistency we need to add ground oatmeal or oats powder. It adds to the density. Add a few drops of glycerine too. Blend everything in a blender...Read More


SKIN CARE USING CHOCOLATE:Hi beauties out there,Confused on seeing the caption of this article? Hey; you just read it right.Chocolate skin care? Why not? What say gals...yay or nay! In this article I am gonna discuss about how to include chocolate to our skin care routine.If you fancy learning new diy recipes then this article is for you.Do you know that chocolate is good for skin? Well. Chocolate doesn’t just taste yum; it’s excellent for the skin too. Read on to...Read More