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Quikr Launches ‘Nxt’ – An Instant Messaging Service For Buyers & Sellers !

Hey all,

India’s biggest online classified portal Quikr has recently introduced two new features under a program called Quikr NXT. The new features include Free home delivery of goods purchased on their platform and instant chat between buyers and sellers. Both of these features are first for any online classified site in India.

Quikr Nxt is nothing but an instant messenger that enables seamless transactions between users. The best part is that this new feature is accessible via Quikr’s mobile app, mobile site and desktop site. There are various cool sub features offered under Quikr NXT namely parallel chat sessions with multiple users, notifications for offline consumers, saved chat histories for future reference and features for users to share additional images and details through the chat window.

On Friday, We had a team meeting in our office. During the meeting, my DGM’s mobile kept on ringing continuously. Feeling irritated and uncomfortable in the middle of the meeting, he quickly handed over the phone to check who is on the line since it was an unknown number. I was informed to tell the caller that he is unavailable at the moment. I took the call thinking it would be some important matter and asked the details of the caller. The lady on the other end told she is calling from Sulekha.com and our DGM had searched for some properties in Bangalore and she wanted to guide him as per his requirements. She asked me if we are a real estate service providers. How frustating and embarrassing in the middle of the meeting right?

Having come back home from work, I was happy to see that Quikr has come out with a new feature called Quikr Nxt and you no longer have to provide your mobile number. You can opt for a messenger chat instead. I felt relaxed.

Here are the reasons why I think Chat is better than phone call:

1) Privacy –  Chatting is easier because there are some things you just can’t say, and might feel more comfortable messaging instead. Messaging gives you more privacy. With Quikr Nxt, you don’t have to share your contact number or email address with anyone. The only point of contact becomes your Quikr ID, and you can use Quikr Nxt to chat with people using the app on your phone, or on the website. Sometimes phone calls have to end due to outer environment or changes in weather, but chatting happens on a more discrete level with negligible disturbances. I think chatting is more efficient and easier. You can keep your interaction short, crisp via chatting and can avoid that awkward silence due to phone calls.

2) Various Calls at inconvenient times – It gets annoying when someone repeatedly calls you to tell silly things. The moment you post a listing, within minutes you’ll get dozens of calls. It gets overwhelming and disappointing when the calls come at inconvenient times. Not everyone wants to share their phone number with the world at large because there are risks that your number will be misused or people will play pranks with you.

3) Saves Time  –  Life is crazy, hectic and hell busy in this era and the ability to just get your answer as soon as possible is way more beneficial then waiting for a phone call. For instance, the Quikr Nxt allows me to chat with more than one person at a time. We can send photos too.  On the other hand, I can call my friends, boss or other relations and they can call me anytime too. Chatting avoids unnecessary calls and you can utilize your mobile for emergency matters and sentimental issues.Those are just more valuable moments in which you need that verbal interaction.  The benefits of chatting are not having to wait on a phone call, leave a message, listen to voice mail etc. All you do is see and respond to a few words in seconds.

There are other benefits of cost reduction, multi tasking etc while chatting.

I am sure this Quikr NXT feature will transform India’s online classifieds market. Visit  http://www.quikr.com/

P.S: This post is a part of Happy Hours at Indiblogger in association with Quikr!