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A Love Story with Acne and My Journey to Clear Skin!

Nothing to disclose

Hello Beauties,

All you Acne Sufferers, you are not alone. I am with you. I can understand that depressing feel acne gives us.  You all know that Acne is a skin disorder that leads to outbreaks of skin lesions called pimples. It can pop due to various reasons like lifestyle changes, oil glands producing more sebum, clogged pores, hormone changes bacterial growth and poor hygiene. Acne is of many types too.
        *************************** Story Begins here *****************************
Acne & ME – Inseparable from 8thstandard
I have never had flawless skin. I have been battling acne my whole life. I know it’s not a big deal and getting a pimple is pretty common. Trust me acne causes havoc on confidence and self-esteem and ultimately leads to depression if someone points out that you have got acne. My New Year resolution every time is to maintain and get a clear skin.  There is a long list of medications, lotions, potions and prescriptions under my acne treatment belt.

While I was in school, I was not much of a beauty addict or makeup freak.  I had minimum cosmetics and I used to keep only essentials. My skin was clear with no breakouts.
As soon as I joined college, I started travelling, hanging out with friends. I slept late, skipped my meal and ate junk food like pizzas and burgers.  I got mild acne. I was a newbie to the beauty world at that time and it was a time when I started reading and writing blogs. I used to try too many products. I buy a product, use it and if that doesn’t work, I immediately switch to other brand and then the cycle repeats just like history repeats itself. The condition worsened and I spent huge money on cosmetics.
I got frequent breakouts ranging from pimples, comedones like black and white heads, cysts and pustules. I tried a lot of products, bought a whole range of anti-acne products, visited dermatologist and nothing could help.
Skin is your friend. You are your skin’s friend. You both are besties. You love your skin and your skin too loves you. Then comes a day, when you wake up and see yourself in the mirror, you see a spot on your face; you scream and immediately hate your skin. How much ever you hate your skin, you are supposed to stay with that only.
Clear skin doesn’t happen overnight just like Rome was not built in a day. There are something’s you can’t control and acne is one amongst them. Do you think ravaging it with strange chemicals will help? Switch to a natural route for treatment of acne and atleast your wallet will thank you. Your skin will become less angry and will hold the acne at bay.
The common problems that I faced due to acne were the blemishes and scars, vulgaris at times which is painful. It leads to depression, low confidence level, stress and what not. Everyone will remind you got acne on your face (indirectly denoting its ugly), Dermatologist will say it’s a simple matter when you are really worried of acne (Huge lecture instead of giving the prescription) and kids will tell you are scary. God! How embarrassing right?
Do’s & Don’ts for Acne Treatment:

  • Get more sleep. If you don’t sleep properly, you will be stressed which results in the production of Glucocorticoid that leads to acne
  • Tweak your diet. Keep a watch on what you eat. Include eggs, fruits, green leafy vegetables in your meals and skip chocolates, ice creams, oily snacks and other junk food. Beauty is always inside out and not vice versa.
  • Cleanse your skin atleast two times a day with a mild cleanser. Products that contain Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide work great for acne prone skin.
  • Wash your hair. If your hair is oily or has dandruff, it leads to acne as well
  • Don’t squeeze your pimples and don’t touch your face often. It will lead to infection and bacterial growth. Instead you can use acne patches like Dream Dots for Spots or Nexus 3M.
  • Avoid going out in sun. Sun and Acne are friends not Sun and Skin. Some of the medications for acne causes tanning too if you go out in sun
  • Use Non-Comedogenic products and Oil Free makeup
  • Don’t rub your face vigorously
  • Wash your pillow covers regularly. This is very important. Do this atleast once a week.  It can exacerbate the existing acne vulgaris.
  • Detoxify your body. Drink lot of water, Exercise or do yoga, Go for jog or walk. Stay relaxed and happy.
  • Indulge in Aromatherapy
  • Use a separate towel and comb for you. Don’t use other’s belongings.
  • Go slow. Have patience and do not multi task. Only time can heal and there is no speedy solution for acne too
Acne Patches

The Theory behind popping the Zits:
I cannot deny the fact that bursting the zits is tempting. It is better to leave those little monsters. See What a Zit Think Illustration above.
My Acne Treatment Routine:

I finally did a lot of research on acne and I could successfully figure out what works for my skin. You should never put anything on skin that you won’t eat except for the medicated/prescription ones. I strictly follow a CTM routine now. I cleanse using raw honey early morning and I use Garnier Pure Active Neem Facewash three times during the day. I use a brush like Magnitone, Clarisonic, Sonic Clear or Tony Moly in the night for deep cleansing.
I use Garnier Pure Active Pore Unclogging Wash which contains concentrated formula of salicylic acid that deeply cleans pores, removes impurities and helps prevent pimples. It is also enriched with extracts from blueberry which helps to reduce spots, acne marks and skin blemishes thus giving you spotless clear skin. I have reviewed this on my blog here.
I use oil massaging technique with any essential oil for makeup removal.I use witch hazel mixed with apple cider vinegar or tea leaves in cold water as toner.I exfoliate once a week using baking soda, salt or sugar. I also steam my face to get rid of the impurities once in three days. I use Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, Garlic, Aloe mixed with honey as spot treatment. I also use Garnier Pure Active Pen and Roll on for spot treatment.
I never forget to hydrate my face. I use oil free moisturizers and sunscreens. I cured my acne with simple tips like these.
Before/After Proof:

Once upon a time my skin was like this! Fighting! Never Give Up!
Now I have clear Skin! If I can do it, you can too <3
Don’t forget to wear your smile! You are beautiful!

              ************************** Story Ended ********************************
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