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Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash Review !

Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash Review !

Hey All,

Clean and Clear is one of my favourite skin care brands. Clean & Clear believes that beauty comes from being confident, comfortable and secure in your own skin. The brand recently launched a new campaign Ready Face to motivate teenagers. #ReadyFace is a concept that empowers you to channel your most courageous selfIt can be a smile, a look, a gesture, or saying in front of the mirror that provides individuals with the confidence they need to take on everyday challenges. Girls should be seen for who they really are, without their skin getting judged.

Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash Review !

Clean & Clear helps girls find their Ready Face, with its improved oil-free Foaming Facial Wash that helps prevent pimples, oily shine and blackheads.

Product Description: Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash is specially designed for young skin – to remove excess oil, while its special ingredients help prevent pimples. Its liquid formula cleans deep without causing dryness, and is gentle enough to use every day, for clean and clear skin that glows.The improved Foaming Facial Wash promises to leave skin feeling clean, clear and radiant; and, best of all, controls oil for up to 8 hours!

Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash Review !

Directions for Use: Apply a small amount on wet palm and work into rich lather. Gently massage onto face, avoiding the eye area. Rinse off thoroughly. Use twice daily for skin that’s beautiful, clean and clear! Follow with CLEAN & CLEAR OIL FREE MOISTURISER for best results.

Ingredients: Water, Triethanolamine, Glycerin, Myristic Acid, Lauric Acid, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Lauryl Phosphate, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Fragrance, Pentasodium Triphosphate, O-Cymen-5-ol (Isopropyl Methtylphenol), Benzophenone-4, Butylated Hydroxy Toluene

Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash Review !

Shelf Life: 3 years

Price: Rs 99 for 100 ml

Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash Review !

My Take on the Product:

My skin is acne prone and combination type. I have been using Clean & Clear face washes since my teenage days. I switched to different brands and variants in between.

I got this in mail before 3-4 weeks and I have started using Clean & Clear  Foaming Face Wash again. Normal Facewashes are too drying on my skin and don’t help with my oily T-zone or breakouts. I find soaps, on the other hand too irritating. This foaming cleanser seems to be the solution for my skin type.

Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash Review !

The clean and clear foaming face wash comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a purple flip cum screw cap. The packaging is light golden and you can see the quantity of product left. The cap shuts secure enough. There are no chances of spilling or wastage of product.

The face wash is in the form of a clear gel and the consistency is runny. The citrusy scent is very soothing and refreshing.  The face wash lathers well. It cleanses all skin impurities, dirt, oil and light makeup. The best part is that it is oil free and doesn’t clog pores.It keeps my face shine-free for 2-3 hours.

Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash Review !

The formula is liquid and gentle. The cleansing effect is deep without causing dryness. It thoroughly removes oil and dust without over-drying skin.You can use this face wash every day, for clean and clear skin that glows. A little drop is enough to cleanse the entire face and neck. The bottle will easily last you for one or two months.

Post using this face wash, I am happy that my skin feels soft and smooth without greasiness. Clean & Clear foaming face wash didn’t cause any irritation or breakouts. The price is very affordable. I’m  satisfied with the quantity provided. Clean & Clear Foaming face wash is easily available at stores and online shopping websites. The face wash also comes in compact size 50 ml bottles which you can easily carry it along with you while traveling or pop into your handbag.The face wash might be little drying for dry skin.

Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash Review !

Overall, This is a nice cleanser. A little goes a long way, so this face wash is a great value for money ! Clean & Clear foaming face wash is my go to cleanser and I love using it with my konjac exfoliation sponge.

I highly recommend Clean & Clear face wash for those who want to remove excess oil from their skin and prevent pimples. In my opinion, this face wash is a boon for oily skinned ladies especially during summers.

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