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Recently When I was checking my blog emails something caught my attention which made me very happy.
Yes….It was an invite from the Tanishq team to join their blogger contest – “As Beautiful As Your Work” contest for Mia by Tanishq.
From that day I was determined that I should contribute my article for the contest and today I spared some time and finally the article is up.
I am Feeling super happy.
Before starting, let me say a few words about Mia. Mia is a new line jewellery collection by Tanishq which is aimed at young working women.

http://youtu.be/Qq3Kh-tHsykHave you watched the latest Mia TV Commercial. The ad spreads the message that looking pretty is more important than professional success and urges us to be as beautiful as the work we do.


Read on to know what’s exciting about this post. [Shhhhhhhhhh. It’s a secret]
Well as far as I am concerned life without dreams and ambitions is like walking on a road blindfolded without having any directions.
How many of us really have the courage and confidence to be whoever you wanted to become in your best life! A few. Isn’t??
Today I am going to share with you one such woman I came across in my life.
I was working part time online with a website known as touchtalent.com which is a creative platform for millions of artists to share their work with the world.
Being a visual communication graduate I got addicted to this site and started sharing my works and appreciating other artists work.
It was via touch talent that I came across Anushua Chaudhuri Pereira – Just like Mia, A woman who makes her work beautiful, who loves what she does, therefore taking work to worship.
She is a Chartered Accountant who transitioned through life and graduated to be an artist. Art has been her passion since childhood. She loves experimenting with all mediums. She has done a lot of work on fabric and has sold her creations commercially. Art, Crafts, Photography, Cooking, Designing are her interests. Animals (especially dogs) and nature are very close to her heart. She loves the restless, growing and adventurous minds of young and talented people.
She has discovered her passion for art and embraced her talents and gifts that she was born with.
Right from Glass paintings, paintings on silk, Acrylic on canvas, Ball point pen Sketches to hand made stuffed dolls, poems, short stories, Creative photography, works on aluminium foil, Fabric art she loves and creates all these art forms.
Here are some of her masterpieces from her work.


backdrops for photography












I am really inspired and motivated by her. I have learnt from her how to be me, myself and being unique.
She has never failed to impress me.She is very welcoming, friendly and always helpful. She is a respectful person. She is a person with a beautiful heart and smile.
She has proved that beauty of mind matters than the outer beauty and lasts forever as the real beauty.
Kudos to this super woman. No wonders she is the women as beautiful as her work.
“For poise, walk with the knowledge you’ll never walk alone”
~ Audrey Hepburn
Who is the mia woman in your life? Don’t forget to share with us.
Let them know that they are the mia woman in your life and gift them that unforgettable giggle.
Spread the cheers.
Check out the Tanishq Mia collection here:  http://mia.tanishq.co.in/
P.S: This post is a part of contest entry for “As Beautiful As Your Work” contest for Mia by Tanishq.


And all the images used here in this post belong to Anusha and Tanishq respectively. I do not claim any ownership of the images.
With Love,