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With the word Pray what comes into my mind is not temples.The first thing that comes into my mind is Cycle Agarbathies.

I remember the time when I felt so lazy to visit temple,I justified my doing by sitting in my pooja room lighting some Cycle Agarbathies,chanting some mantras and arguing with mom God is not just in Temple.God is everywhere and I have the rights to pray from anywhere 😀 😛

Being born and brought up in a strictly Brahmin Family,We give so much importance to the god and our Prayers.And I am glad that cycle Agarbathies came to my rescue.Praying was not so boring with Cycle Agarbathies around and praying became not so complicated with Cycle Battis.Its Divine smell Just empowers the entire surroundings and boosts our spirituality.Everyone who passes by our home used to ask us which brand Agarbathies are you using?

It created a perfect peaceful atmosphere needed to pray.So my Favourite brand of Agarbathies has come up with a contest where we can share our reason to pray.and I couldnt just ignore it and thought of sharing with you all.I am revealing here what I pray in Secret.Rean on and you will discover my silly reasons to pray.

My Silly Reasons To Pray:- ( pray until something happens !! )

Some people pray for money, others for good health and others because they’re nearing the end of their rope.

For me Praying is a way of connecting and talking with the god and listening to the almighty’s words.
I believe that God exists everywhere and in each one of us.I know god doesn’t need any fancy words.If our prayer is true,God will be impressed.Its our attitude that matters.

I pray.Why?When praying , I can ask for favours  like hope,realisation,materialistic things, pray for others . But before I ask some thing I make sure that I have done my part so that god can do the rest.God helps them those who helps themselves.How true!!

  I Pray to express my immense gratitude for his blessings and Thanks for everything GOD has given in my life every single minute of every single day!For blessing me with many good things like LUCK,EDUCATION,WEALTH,HEALTH,RELATIONSHIPS. I pray to god for giving me the ability to overcome  the hardships with strength.

I pray because I know that my heavenly god is there to hear me whenever I need Him 24/7 🙂 .I just share with him my thoughts about the things that happened in a day be it silly like rude behaviour of a person,Injured animal etc and at the end of the day I just feel Happy that I have talked to the God.

I pray coz I never consider it a duty.I love praying just because I truly Love god.

I pray coz It has the power to change things.


Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack is a pack containing everything that you would need to perform the Lakshmi Pooja. . This pack contains all basic materials required for the pooja as mentioned in the Skanda Purana. The booklet (script in 6 languages) and audio CD have the procedure, necessary shlokas and Shree Vinayak Ashtottarashata Naamaavali for performing the pooja.This pack comes with instructional booklet & CD; with options to recite the shlokas along with the CD if you wish.

Simple and effortless yet complete pooja in a pack.

I am definitely be purchasing this lakshmi pooja pack for this Diwali.It will be helpful for the present generation.With this pack we can do the pooja ourselves in an easy way.

I am gonna light up my house with colourful diyas allover.Gonna put up Cycle Battis and play the CD for shlokas,Put a colourful rangoli and decorate the pooja room and goddess lakshmi with flowers and make sweets for pooja and distribute them.Of course will be wearing new clothes and not to forget festive makeup.Will be visiting temple with my family and donating a lakshmi pooja pack there too.

This is how I have planned my diwali with lakshmi pooja pack.

I am gonna use lakshmi pooja pack coz I believe my prayers will be heard and my desires come true 🙂

What is your reason to pray and how are you going to celebrate diwali.Let us know in the comments.

Do visit the site www.PurePrayer.com

P.S : Images are googled and I do not own them.
This post is a part of  Cycle Pure Agarbathies Every one has  a reason to pray contest!
I am not Over praising Cycle in any way.I am just expressing my Honest views 🙂