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Healthy Kids are Happy Kids !

Happy Hours Campaign Entry

Hey all,
They say “health is wealth”. I can’t agree more on that part. For some it is just a quote but for others it is a way of life. Children are always sources of joy. They spread the happiness around and make your life pleasant. Everything from their naughtiness, their smile, their pranks, and their way of doing things is unique.

Your days are cheerful when there are kids. I often feel down when my little cousin Vedanth, (two years) is away from me. With him around, I wonder how quickly time flies. We play, We laugh, We love, We sleep, We learn, We eat, We watch TV Cartoons like Dora, Ninja, Chotta Bheem etc. together. Without him I feel a vacuum in my life. Trust me he makes my life so bright and colourful and I forget my worries instantly.
Vedanth is my Uncle’s son and one day life just turned upside down for us. My uncle met with a road accident and he was admitted in the hospital. The condition was very serious. I, my parents and aunt had to travel here and there for this reason. It was a tough time for us. Even then he was unaware of the things and had that innocent smile on his face.
Due to travel, sitting for long hours in hospital, no proper food and tensions, my cousin also feel sick. Things went wrong. He was suffering from high fever and he ate no food for two days other than some liquid items. We felt better only when he was back to normal.
We went to a famous hospital in Trivandrum, Kerala for my uncle’s surgery and this visit revealed the fact there are thousands of small children who are haunted with dreadful diseases even Diabetes and the scary ‘C’ word. Hundreds of kids are overweight and suffer from obesity due to fast foods and junk foods.
When I had a word with the chief doctor regarding this, he told me that it is all due to the modern lifestyle and technological advancements. Fruits, vegetables etc. are loaded with pesticides and insecticides and there is no nutritional value in them.
Prevention is always better than cure. It is our duty to take care of the kids. These days both father and mother will be busy with their jobs and the children are often neglected.  We hardly have any time for them. We are not even aware of their problems and sickness. We should concentrate on what our children eat. They should be taught healthy eating habits. Many of them are picky eaters which results in vitamin deficiencies; so something fun should be made to attract them to eat. I usually make designs like cat with idli, sauce and vegetables which my cousin loves. Similarly do something that they like and want to have.
There is a famous quote by Meryl Streep – “Healthy Child, Healthy World helps mom and dad connect dots the dots to understand cause and effect. It tries to emphasize the healthful solutions. The positive easy to follow steps you can take for your family, your home and yourself”.
You should initiative a few steps to keep your kids and home happy. When you do the first one, the second one automatically follows.
My cousin has the habit of touching and playing with pets. If you have a pet, keep them healthy and make sure you wash the kids hand to prevent infection.
Avoid giving beauty and cosmetic items to kids because it poses high health risk. Boil the vegetables and fruits in salted hot water to get the toxins out. Do not give any plastic products to kids. For a better mental development of children, show them that you love and care them. Spend time with them and behave as a good friend. Learn to appreciate their small achievements. Let them do what they love and allow them to follow their heart. Make yourself a priority, take breaks and be with the kids. Be a good observer.The kids should get fresh air. They should own non-toxic items. Be careful as parenting is not that easy. Don’t compare them with other kids.
Happy, optimistic children are the product of happy, optimistic homes!
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Happy Parenting!
P.S: This post is a part of the Happy Hours Campaign in association with Indiblogger and Dabur! My own thoughts!