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I met a real soldier

It was the first time i had come Bangalore got placed in Wipro technologies.So i had to reallocate to Bangalore.I stayed with my relatives.Travelling from my office to my place takes more than a hour because of the traffic.I travel by taking a monthly Bmtc pass.

My brother had explained me the bus routes.One day one of my friend who stays near my home told me that she will show me an alternate way and it will take only less time compared to the other day.So i agreed to go with her as i could save time.

She happened to receive a urgent call.So she left in the middle informing me and providing with the required details.She assured me that i will reach correct place on time.

After she left,I slept for some time in bus.I had to change 3 buses to reach my place.I got down from the first bus in the first stop.I was confused.I got into another bus and it was a wrong one.I figured it out when i asked a lady.

Then i got down in some stop and called my brother.He told he is busy with work.He gave me some instructions and asked me to take an auto.

But i was afraid to go in auto because most of them looked like “Rowdis”.

I wandered here and there without knowing what to do and where to go.

The road was full of traffic and everyone seemed to be busy.

Tears started falling from my eyes.

Then i saw one gentleman of around 50 years age coming near the signal.He was well dressed and looked decent.

I made up my mind to ask him even tough i dont know kannada. Out of fear  i was not comfortable with hindi too.I was able to understand but couldn’t reply back.

Then i asked him can you please tell me the way to shivaji nagar.

Then he told this is M.G road and from here it is walkable.He didnt know the bus route.So he asked me whether i will be able to walk with him.He was also going there.

I just wanted to reach my home.So i agreed and started following him silently.

After 5 min He asked me will you follow every one like this whom you dont even know.

He told the area was not good.He asked me if i am reading in newspapers what’s happening to many girls.

I was scared and dumb struck all of a sudden.

Then he told me not to worry.He showed me his ID Card.He was the senior commander in INDIAN ARMY.

He was talking to me in hindi and i replied in english.

He asked me about my studies,family,hometown etc and told about him too.

He asked me whether you want to take a auto rickshaw if your leg is paining.I told its ok.

He held my hand and helped me cross the roads as if i was his own daughter.

Finally he dropped me safely after 25 min of walking in the bus stand.

He told he has to walk another 15 min to reach his home.He came this much distance just to drop me.

I thanked him and said bye to him.he turned back and saw till i got into the bus whether i was safe.

I feel really proud of him.He has inspired me and motivated me a lot.

He is a solider for woman as well as a real solider as he belongs to Indian army.

This is my real life incident which i can never forget.I will cherish this life long.It has given me a new life and it has touched my heart truly,madly and deeply

Salute to you sir.

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