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Its time to Explore !! I am an Explorer

I am a person who loves travelling and adventure.
Just like Everyone I too like to explore the world around me.
I had been to various places.
When I came across the I am explorer contest on Indiblogger I didn’t knew where to begin with.
I spent so much time, looking into the old tour photos, surroundings, garden, birds and some flowers.
Then I took it as an opportunity to explore a new place.

Then popped a question in my mind which is the best place to visit. We are always confronted with such questions when it comes to adventure and exploring.
Out of the busy schedule in my day to day life it was almost impossible.
Finally it took some time for me to realise that any little time you spend for the mother earth, the planet is worth the experience.
Irrespective of where you wanted to go and barriers like budget, safety and leisure, the experience is always thrilling. 
Finally started the exploration in my favourite place-my college.
Yessssssssss! Our college stands in the lap of nature around T.M.Palyam (Coimbatore), a small panchayat town sparsely populated.

The flora and fauna surrounding my college is awesome. I have found many cute creatures and flowers.It’s a place to behold with an eco-friendly environment.
I must say that it was a life changing experience exploring the inhabitants of the place.
Let’s see the flora and fauna at this place in earth and my explorations…
P.S : its gonna be picture heavy but not boring !! Treat for your eyes !!

Can’t believe right? It was really surprising how such a small place had these many cute creatures.
I succeeded in exploring these many and came back bombarded with everlasting memories for a life time.

Are you inspired to explore the world? 
This post is an entry for the contest I am Explorer by Tata Safari on Indiblogger
Don’t forget to check out the site www.tatasafari.com/