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My solider !! My hero !!

There are so many soldier’s who we come across in our day today life. It may not be not just in history like Abraham Lincoln, Subash Chandra Bose who gave their lives for the country. So many people act like as if they are soldier’s but they don’t do or act that way.

By soldier’s, I am referring to the people who stood in front of someone else’s bullet to save a life, to people who stayed behind so that others could get away; people who actively choose to die for others…

They are my hero’s…

How they risk their lives for others. Thus, it is very important to give these people the credit and praise what they deserve. Today post is a salutation to my own hero.

My best friend. “Pratheebh”

 In tough situations, he stayed calm and got me the help I needed to stay alive

He respects me and every woman he come across.

He helps me, giving support in life to carry on.

He teaches me what life is all about and how to end suffering.

He’s, without a doubt, MY HERO! 

He is a smart, generous, compassionate, caring, an amazing human being.

He’s a great man …a man with values…a man that has taught me to always be simply me …a person who has his own opinions and beliefs ….He made me a proud strong person a thing that lots of people lack …He’s simply the reason why everything eventually seems right.

He loves his mom and sister very much.

An incident touched me a lot.

He gave Rs 100 for a woman with a child who didn’t have even food to eat. He used to visit old age homes and donate clothes. He helps old women carry their things. These may be small things but the feeling with which he helps matters a lot.

Thank you so much for helping me and Respecting women my solider.