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As Soon As Honey Reached Home And Turned On Her Laptop A Small Pop Up Window Came Which Showed “Him “Online. Honey Couldn’t Control Her Happiness.

She Started Chatting With A Smiling Face.

Him : Hi Honey

Honey: Hello

Him : Just Missed You Loads Today !! Aren’t You Excited That We Are Going To Meet For The First Time.

Honey: Yes. I Was Waiting For This Moment ! I Hope You Are Coming In Your Best Look To Impress Me !!

Him: Ofcourse.All Set To Rock.Meet You At The Room Babes.. See You

Honey : Blushing

It Was A Special Day For “Him” Because He Is Going To See His Girl Friend For The First Time. They Were Deeply In Love With Each Other And Got Introduced Through Facebook. May Be Love Is Blind 😛 But He Was Very Excited And Making Plans On How To Celebrate The Day. Some Doubts Were Also Filled In His Mind ; What If The Girl Doesn’t Like His Looks.

He Applied Fair And Handsome, Put On His Best Clothes,Neatly Polished Shoes, Spiked His Hair And Looked Into The Mirror Thrice.

Being Convinced About His Looks He Set On His Journey To Meet Her.

He  Had Arranged For A Candle Light Dinner  In A Five Star Hotel And Had Bought A Precious Ring For His Honey.

Finally He Reached The Hotel And He Was Waiting For His Honey .

The Wait Was Over After Sometime .Honey Came . His Heart Skipped A Million Beats. She Looked So Beautiful In A White Lacy Gown.

He Was Not Clearly Visible In The Darkness But Honey Was Happy.He Looked Smart.
They Looked Into Each Others Eyes.

It Was A Perfect And Romantic Evening For Them.

He Broke The Silence.Their Lips Came Closer And It Was Going To Be A Passionate Unexpected Kiss.
But All Of Sudden Honey Realised How Disgusting His Moustache Was.It Looked Like The Old  Eighties Style And His Beard Was All Itchy While Trying To Kiss. She Felt Irritated And Angry.

She Shouted “What A Turn Off And Ran Away”

Moral Of The Story: Men Please Do Clean Shave Moustache/Beard/Facial Hair  Once Or Twice In A Week Atleast.Else No Ones Knows What Will Come Out Of It. May Be Lices,Spiders,Lizards Lol 😛 After All Humans Are Not Monkeys 😀

Just Kidding

We All Know Stubble Is Uncomfortable. It Looks Gross.

Who Doesn’t Love Clean Shaven Face.

Indeed Attractive And Feels Younger.

Guys Whats A Better Way To Pamper Yourself

Clean Shave And Keep It Moisturised And Your Princess Will Automatically Crave For You 

Would love to read your comments!! <3 <3


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