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The Story Of A Killer Toothache !!

This is a real life incident on toothache that had happened in my childhood days.
Read on to know my story of toothache and the moral of the story.

Don’t worry as I can assure you that I won’t bore you with sob stories :’(

I was 9 years old and needless to say I was a naughty girl.

My dad was General Manager in a medical company and we used to keep moving to different locations because of his job.

That was the time when we had recently shifted from Hyderabad to Mumbai.
All our household items and utilities were moved to our new house by a packers and movers company.

We hadn’t unpacked it as everyone was busy with their work.

I saw two three card board boxes piled on top of each other near the staircase.
I along with my sister started playing by skidding through the vertical slope like support by the staircase. Our playing spirit had reached heights that we became so crazy and started racing through the slope in high speed. No one was noticing us as busy works were going on in the household. At one point of time, we hit on the surface of the wall and fell with a Thud sound. And the best part was that the cardboard boxes with goods fell on top of us in slow motion.

Nothing happened to my sister as she was on top of me.She got some minor scratches.

And for god’s sake no damage happened to any of my parts except the teeth.I was hoping for a bone fracture after the fatal injury.

Not just one or two, three of my teeth had broken.

Blood started oozing through my mouth and my mum almost fainted seeing that. Relatives, neighbours everyone tried so many first aid remedies but there was no relief.

After all these hues and cries, I felt better when no one was around. Some Clove oil was applied all over my mouth and It was burning my gums.

It was Sunday night and no dental hospitals were open at that time near my house.

Since I was feeling better, every one slept. I started shouting in the middle of my sleep as I was experiencing the disaster-“ToothAche”.

This is exactly how I felt !! Devil !!

I suffered that whole night. It made me feel like bone fracture would be much better.
My mom was calling the names of all gods.I wondered whether those would be doctor’s names.

I couldn’t sleep.My parents told that early morning they would be taking me to the hospital.
I was too stubborn and I refused to go with them telling it will pain.

My Dad explained me their reasoning with an easy story of a man who had died from a toothache as he didn’t consult a dentist.

That scared me and I agreed to go with them after taking promise from them that it wont pain.
Next day,I went to Dental clinic.

When I went inside, Some lady was doing some treatment and I felt like running away seeing the long machines they drill into the mouth.

The Doctor spoke very sweetly to me and told me he would gift me a chocolate if I behave well.
He put the injection and it pained me like hell.

I couldn’t control my anger and wanted to revenge the doctor. I bit him in his hand very hardly and blood started coming in that portion I bit.
My parents apologised and scolded me like anything.

The doctors forgive me as I was a child. After wards he dealt with my teeth in a soft way without causing any pain. He plucked my three broken teeth and told it will grow again after 5-6 months.

It was only after 2 weeks, my gums started healing and I got relieved from toothache after a war.

This is me and my sister.Captured this photograph after a week from this incident.You can notice that I have no front teeth from my smile .. He he 

What a nostalgic memory !!

What’s the moral of this story? 

Well, a toothache can happen on the weekends, in the middle of the night or when you really just don’t want to see a dentist.
Toothaches are a really shit deal.
You cannot fix the problem by yourself with stupid diy remedies and it will continue until it becomes a severe toothache. By delaying it will only get worse and not go away.
If you have teeth that you know need some attention, just give it.
Don’t neglect oral care. Give it equal importance like face and body.

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P.s: Images from google except water marked ones.

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