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The Story of my Award winning hair :D !!

Hi Girls,

Happy weekend and hope everyone is having a perfect Sunday.Well,Sundays are hectic for me because I work on the weekdays and my entire room gets messy.I get so damn tired due to travelling 4 hours daily to work.So on Sundays I am really a busy bee..Self Pampering ,Cleaning up the mess,Outing,Meeting friends,Writing the blog posts keeps me on my toes during Sundays.

Today,I was planning to clean my beauty stash and also to relax in a pampering home spa for my hair and skin.Just when I was browsing through the laptop I came across the right thing on the Indiblogger – the contest where we have to share how to recharge your hair and life by Sunsilk India.

Recharge your hair, Recharge your life – 

I know I am very late and at the last moment to do this post but I’d like to share my hair story with you all. Its gonna be a image and wordings heavy post but interesting.Read on.

The Story Of My Hair : – (Why Recharge your hair )

With my hair story you will come to know why should we recharge our hair.

I had a caring grand mother from my child hood days who used to care so much about my hair and skin.She never allowed me to put anything into my hair which we dont touch with my hair.She believed that the ingredients from our kitchen do miracles on our hair rather the dud costly products in the market.I had a long thick black hair at that time.

Then my granny passed away due to illness when I was in 10th std.I grew up without her magic remedies.My hair started falling.It became dry,frizzy,lacked shine and it looked so dull and lifeless.

I googled for hair care tips,asked my friends what they are using,read the hair care routine of other bloggers and with the little time I had I almost neglected my hair and became busy with my 12th studies.

I had heavy split ends and none of the hair styles suited me.The front portion of my hair was almost bald as I could see the scalp very clearly during washing and oiling.

When I entered the college,It was a fashion phase.Everyone had freaky hair styles.

The college mates called long hair as old fashioned and took me to the salon to have a superb hair cut.The salon lady almost chopped my hair so close to the neck.It was like a bob cut and looked so ugly.I looked like a tomato.

One day, a girl came with a red hair to the college and all the guys were behind her.She told me to do colouring and gave me some suggestions.I started coloring my hair with the Loreal Hair Colours which was a huge hit.I coloured my hair chocolate brown and I remember my mom almost fired me like anything telling I look like some alien.

Then came the hair extensions and streaks.Everyone started using the coloured hair extensions and coloured their hair in streaks which looked like some birds feathers hanging here and there in your hair in different colors.My friends forced me to try it and It looked disgusting on my hair.I could see people staring at my hair and gave that good look when ever I entered any public transport.It was stylish an fashionable according to my friends but all I could see was those odd looks from people and I lost some hair while unclipping these as it pulled my hair.To my horror the streaks looked as if my hair was set on flame.

The next was straightening.Girls got their hair straightened with the Brazilian and keratin hair treatment and spent thousands of bucks in that.I followed them and got my hair straightened from a Matrix salon for 8000 bucks.I had medium length hair.They prescribed me shampoos and conditioners and i was advised to use that only on my straightened hair.I thought my hair will never became curly again and came back happy to my home.A few days passed the new hair that started growing was curly again.I got a hole in my pocket and had no more money left with me to spent on these high end products.I went for a less costly touch up with streax products and started using whatever shampoos and conditioners I got.The finish and texture of the hair was no longer the same as days passed by.My hair looked like a broom.I wanted to get rid of my straight hair.

Then came the curling.Girls freaking in soft big loose curls.I tried the hair rollers and electronic hair curlers.I invested in a good hair spray.I styled my hair using these curlers,electronic straighners (Flat irons) and hair dryers.

My hair was half curly and straight and looked so bad.

I started using hair spa and hair masque,serum etc for that bouncy voluminous look.These effects were just temporary and lasted only till one wash.Then I had to style my hair again.

I used all the products that were new in market and which were shown on television ads by celebrities. I never understood that they never use those products personally and I will not get their hair if I use that products and in real they were all paid for doing so.

Loads and loads of chemicals went into my hair.My hair started experiencing worst hair fall.No products could do any help.None of them were effective.

I started taking biotin and vitamin tablets and supplements.It did help a little.But I almost forgot them in a months time and It’s lying like a waste unused by me.

I tried various types of combs.

I used all sorts to hair accessories to get that perfect  hair style.

And a dozen oils.

Nothing worked.Pollution made it worse for my hair.I became laugh of the college and lost all my confidence.My studies and exam results came down.I couldn’t face anyone.I wanted to be alone.I never turned up in the events.I used to hide myself from everyone.

I had a subject called marketing in my degree and it was then I realized the entire truth.I looked through my child hood album were my hair was like Rapunzel.I almost burst down into tears.From that day I pledged to take care of my hair properly.Its two years now and I have a healthy hair now.

Recharge your hair, Recharge your life:- (How to recharge your hair )

I am sharing the tips and tricks and hair care routine that I followed to recharge my hair.My hair is no more dull,lifeless,dry,frizzy with split ends.If you cant believe what I say check out the pics below and see the results for yourself.When my hair felt recharged,my entire life too felt recharged.I felt I was beautiful.My hair gave me the confidence.

  • Do not use chemicals into your hair.Some of the hair care products contains harsh chemicals which are used in floor cleaning even.Try to stick to natural products or products with low chemicals.
  • Before investing on an hair care product,Go through the ingredients list.Try to stick to one particular range of products.New products may come and go in the market but find out a best suitable product and use it regularly.
  • I do not shampoo my hair daily.I use only 3 times a week.Use a shampoo once in 2 days to get rid of the dirt and excess oil.Follow up with a good conditioner and work into the ends.Do not use conditioner on the scalp.I use shampoo & conditioner bars from Lush and Bipha Ayurveda Henna and Shikakai herbal bar.I use The Body Shop coconut hair oil.
  • Use medicated shampoos/products if you have hair problems after consulting with a dermatologist.I use “Nizoral” for Dandruff.
  • Use a good comb.Do not use a comb on your wet hair.Use a comb type as per your need.Use a wide tooth comb for get rid of the frizz.
  • Find out your hair type.See if your hair is oily,dry,frizz pone and then buy products that are specially created for your hair type.
  • Massage your hair with a hot oil treatment every weekend.Mix Aroma oil,Jojoba oil,Vitamin-E oil,Almond Oil,Olive Oil and coconut oil in required rations.Heat it slightly and make sure it does not burn your hair.Section your hair and apply with a cotton ball.Massage lightly and you will feel relaxed.Steam your hair with a steamer or towel dipped in warm water.It helps the oil to penetrate better.Add special aroma or base oil like rosemary,rose,tea tree etc.I use grape seed oil.
  • Try to avoid hair stylers and dryers unless you have a special occasion.Towel dry or dry your hair in sun/normal air.
  • Use a good hair mask once a week.I make a homemade pack with Amla powder,Hibiscus,milk,curd,honey,eggs,lemon juice etc and apply it to my hair.It gives protein to your hair.
  • Use henna if you have grey hair or wants to add a light colour on your hair.
  • Get good sleep for 8 hours and stay stress free.
  • Eat green leafy vegetables,eggs and nutrients rich food.Avoid snacks and oily items.
  • Exercise regularly and stay fit.
  • Rinse your hair with an apple cider vinegar or beer.it helps.Keeps your hair refreshed and your hair smells great too.
  • Do not neglect your hair.Take care and give it proper attention just like your skin.
  • Hair always grows from the roots.So split ends affecting hair growth is a myth.Trim your ends once in a month to get rid of split ends.It gives a more healthy look to the hair.I use a Creaclip,a device which helps to trim your hair from home.
  • Make your own oil from natural herbs.I use home made oil with herbs like Aloe Vera,Curry leaves,Garlic,Camphor,Hibiscus Flower,Henna leaves etc.
  • Motivate yourself and gather inspirations for your hair care.
  • Always remember that Rome was not built in a day.Have patience.Its no miracles.Only your efforts work.Give in your best,Spare some time and you will see the results.
  • You can use mild products with chemicals For eg : Free from parabens,sulphates etc if you are not able to avoid totally.We really need good shampoos to remove dirt and oil.So its inevitable.But keep this in mind.
  • Use a protein mask.You can make one from fenugreek,Avacado,Banana etc . Its sticky and difficult to remove but running water will wash it away.
  • Use warm or cold water on hair.Warm water opens the pores and follices.The last mug should be cold water to close these pores.Do not pour hot water as it damages your follices and leads to breakage
  • Cover or wrap your hair wherever possible if you are going out in hot sun or pollution.
My Award winning hair ( How I recharged my life with my hair) :-
I style my hair in different ways and yet manage to keep my hair healthy.I got the “Girl with Best Hair Award” on the final year in my college.My hair is now healthy,shiny and full of life.See for yourself.
I can’t believe my eyes.I flaunt with my lovely hair and capture many peoples heart.

I dumbed into dustbin all the chemical products and switched over to mild natural products.Heat,Styling,Chemicals,Coloring etc had ruined my life and caused so much damage to my hair.By following some simple remedies I could reverse back the damaged hair into long healthy looking shiny beautiful locks.Finally,I have an enviable hair.

I can let my hair loose,I can play in the beach,I can dance,I can enjoy the ride and stay happy without worrying about my hair.

Hope you find this article useful.Do motivate yourself for hair care and share your tips with us.
Check out http://www.sunsilk.in/.I have recharged my hair and life.Have you? Will share with you the hair care recipes soon.
If you liked my hair, Do leave a comment 🙂 Love your hair and It will love you back <3
This post is a part of the contest “Recharge your hair, Recharge your life” on Indiblogger by Sunsilk India .
P.S : All the images used in this post are mine and belongs to me.All the products shown here are 100% tried and tested by me and this article is based on my true personal experience.Please do not copy.

Thanks for reading.

With Love,