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You can make a difference in someone’s life too !!

One day I was alone at my home.I was about 15 years old that time.All others had gone to a marriage.

I was listening to music and suddenly calling bell started ringing.

A lady came was standing behind the door.Without opening the door,I asked through the window grill what do you want.

She told me that her husband had died in an accident and she is unable to take care of the needs of his son.She told me that they are poor and she is working as a maid in different homes to earn a living.She told me that she wants to send her son to school and If i could donate some money to her as a small help.

I thought it was just a cook up story and she is a fraud.I shouted at her and tried to shoo her away.

That time my uncle came and asked me whats happening.

I narrated the entire incident.

He just told this.Why can’t you Imagine being in their situation.Think standing in their shoes.

Here you are wasting food and spending money lavishly.

They wake up everyday with no food to eat and with little hope.

He handed over a 1000 rs note to her.

She went very happily.She thanked him.She even tried to touch his feet.

My uncle told me show some kindness girl.Whatever good you do comes back to you.

Make a difference in Someone’s life.

He is a Great man by heart Who respects women.

This is a tribute to him.

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