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Ethnico Rangoli

Beautiful Rangoli Designs !

Hey All,

Rangoli Design started many centuries ago. Rangoli has been a part of our lives since long. It is an art form prevailing in India in which mixed color patterns are created on the courtyard floor using colored rice, flour, sand or flower petals. Rangoli is popular during marriage ceremonies and festivals like Diwali, Onam and Pongal. It is believed that Rangoli Design brings us good luck and keeps our tradition alive.

Rangoli designs can be geometric shapes, deity impressions, or flower shapes. The ones made with flower shapes and petals is called by the name Floral Rangoli.

Rangoli Designs are usually done by women. They use natural materials like sandal, haldi, kumkum, turmeric, brick powder etc. Chemicals colors are used in the modern designs. It is called by different names in different parts.  We call it as Kolam in Tamil. Rangoli symbolizes beauty, auspiciousness and spirituality.

Ethnico Rangoli

Powder Rangoli:

Rangoli made with kolam powder is very famous in India. It is a coarse white powder that is easily available everywhere in India. It’s derived from a special kind of white rock. This white powder is used to draw basic and initial Rangoli design.

Ethnico Rangoli

Color Rangoli:

Color powder can be bought at a grocery or dye store. Colors will be filled inside of the lines drawn with chalk or white powder. Color Rangoli’s look very pretty.

Flower Rangoli:

Floral Rangoli is made with the  petals of flowers and leaves at the front entrance of house. It looks pleasing to the eye and the blossoms spread a wonderful aroma of flowers like roses,marigolds and lotus. Onam Pookalam is very famous in Kerala. The Flower Rangoli is safe, eco friendly and natural.

Ethnico Rangoli

Pulses Rangoli:

Ganesha Rangoli is made with Pulses and Grains ( mainly navadhanyam) is used for celebrations like navaratri and chathurthi. Create a rangoli with different color pulses, lentils, grams and other seeds. This is an innovative idea and younger ones will enjoy it as well because it is easy to do.

Chalk Rangoli:

Use a white chalk to outline your patterns, or to draw dots to form a grid. Then use coloured chalks or poster paint to fill in the design. Usually done on a black or maroon painted cement surface. It is still practiced in India when one invites guests to their home.

Ethnico Rangoli

Salt Rangoli:

Mix crystal table salt with colors  and leave it overnight. You can make vibrant colors next day. Once the salt dries over night, the color wont come off on hands. It is simple to do. We do it for Car Festival at temple. Other materials like rice or sand can be used too.

Free Hand Rangoli:

This is a standout amongst the types of Rangoli which can be found in every home. It helps to craft easy and simple rangoli within less time. Start from any structure like curve, bend, leaf etc. Repeat it in a rhythmic order, build and connect. Some types are pongal pot, peacock,birds, nature, animals, floral and geometric shapes. You can draw social issues and devotional figures too.

Ethnico Rangoli

Double Stroke Rangoli:

Thumb with point and middle fingers let the powder flow as two lines that creates beautiful double stroke. Usually done using grounded wet rice flour mixed in water.

Carpet Rangoli:

You can draw beautiful figures or patterns inside a rectangular carpet, mat or blanket shape. You can put cartoon characters above the carpet design. You can create grand designs for weddings.

Ethnico Rangoli

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