Organic Harvest Moisturizing Lotion!!
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Organic Harvest Moisturizing Lotion

Organic Harvest Moisturizing Lotion!!

Hello All,

Nurture your skin naturally with Organic Harvest Moisturising Lotion !!


Organic Harvest is a brand that specializes in hair care, body care, and skin care products. I have heard that their products are safe to use plus highly effective. Their products range from daily day cream, anti-wrinkle cream, anti-pigmentation cream, scrubs, sunscreen lotion, toners, face wash to shampoos and 24 varieties of essential oils. To keep the skin miles away from damage, no harsh chemicals are used; instead, they harness the power of plants. None of the products are tested on animals too. I love trying such eco-friendly, cruelty-free brands.


I tried Organic Harvest Moisturizing Lotion with Tamarind seeds Extract and Essential Oil and let me share my thoughts on it.

Organic Harvest Moisturising Lotion is lightweight and hydrating that it instantly soothes skin, calms any redness and visibly reduces dry skin flakes. The lotion is priced at Rs 745 for 100ml.

The Organic Harvest Moisturising Lotion comes in a white bottle with a pump dispenser. The lotion is white, has a smooth creamy texture and is light consistency-wise. It spreads easily and gets quickly absorbed into the skin. What I love the most about this lotion is that it is watery and leaves no stickiness. This lotion is suitable for summers and winters. The tamarind extract adds a light tangy fragrance. The moisturisation it offers is subtle. No artificial color are used which is great.

The lotion is a little pricey.


Overall, Organic Harvest Moisturising Lotion is a light, skin-friendly, non-sticky lotion with a tangy fragrance that is apt for summers!

Brand Claims:

Moisturizing Lotion with tamarind seeds extracts and essential oil, A mainstay for your skin regimen, this gentle but efficient moisturizing lotion, containing tamarind seeds extract and plant-derived actives with NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factors), gives 24-hour moisturization that replenishes and protects the skin’s moisture barrier. It helps promote a soft, supple skin texture and leaves your skin feeling resilient and moisture-refreshed



Aqua, Tamarind Seeds Extract, ECOCERT certified Sorbian Olivate, Essential Oil in Cream base

Directions for Use:

In the am & pm using fingertips pamper your body to have youthful, charming skin.

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