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Embrace Your Natural Beauty With Banjara’s

Hello All,

On an average, we all use 8-10 different personal care products on our body every day. Skin is the largest organ and it absorbs chemicals from these products we regularly expose ourselves to. The ingredients in skincare products we put on matter as much as the food we eat.

Some of the most harmful toxic chemicals in skin care products include Paraben, Isopropyl alcohol, Silicones, Urea, Color Pigments, ArtificialFragrances, Mineral oil, Sodium Laurel Sulfate, talc, paraffin, and Triclosan.

The use of natural beauty products is gaining significance day by day.  It is highly important to check the ingredients label list and know what exactly they are before application. Natural products are safe to use and deliver ” beauty without harmful effects”. Natural products do not contain any irritants and protect the skin from rashes, burns, and allergies. One need not fear about carcinogens and side effects too while using quality herbal products. Natural products tend to be expensive, has a lower shelf life but are ideal for health in every way.

Banjara’s is a leading herbal brand that offers many skin and hair care products that help in balancing your skin using nature. Their products are loaded with all-natural stuff.  You can read the benefits of natural ingredients like aloe, sandalwood etc. here – http://banjaras.co.in/ayurveda_mob.html


Unlike MNCs which make their products with synthetic ingredients, Banjara’s focus on providing ayurvedic-based natural products in hair, skincare space.

The brand believes that nature’s beauty is everlasting and if you take care of Nature, Nature will take care of you. You can watch the video below to know more about their vision: 

Banjara’s understanding and their love for nature are reflected in the purity, quality, and efficacy of their products. Banjara’s brand is listed under PETA’s cruelty-free companies as the products are not tested on animals and Banjara’s do not use any animal ingredients in any of their products.

I have been using a variety of products from Banjara’s and I am happy with the results. Banjara’s caters to the needs of the entire family. Their product line includes:

Banjara’s Brazilian Black (Hair Dye):
Brazilian Black Hair Dye leaves your hair with rich black shade and you need not worry about hair fall.

Banjara’s Face Wash (Multani + Orange): 
Use this soap free face wash for a flawless looking facial skin. Get the best of Multani Mitti in its purest form taken from the palms of mother earth, mixed with fresh juicy Orange peel, to give you a glowing skin. This face wash removes excess oil, dead cells, and De-Tans skin.

Banjara’s Face Pack (Multani + Papaya):
This pack leaves you with clear and healthy skin in just fifteen minutes. Papaya acts as a natural exfoliator, cleanses the skin and makes it soft.

Banjara’s Hair Oil (Samvridhi): 
Samvridhi Hair Oil is an amalgamation of Ayurvedic herbs that reduce hair fall and promote hair growth.


You can get a free sample of Banjara’s to try for yourself by visiting this page: http://banjaras.co.in/landing-page/

Check out their products like Rosewater, Skin+ve cream, body lotion, skin care powder, facial kits and more.

A healthy skin is the result of good food, using natural products and other habits like cleanliness. You have to keep in mind that quality is more important than presentation. Say no to preservatives and avoid chemicals wherever possible. Let the change begin with you.

Nurture your mind, body, and soul with a true nature like feel using Banjaras range of Beauty and Personal Care Products.