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10 Summer Tips for Every Fashion Lover !!

Hello All,

The world looks a little different when you are a fashion lover. Things you do and talk about are mainly determined by your admiration for clothing and accessories. To you, there is just nothing better than a new pair of shoes or a versatile new shirt to wear to work. Life’s good when fashion is present. The best season to be a fashion lover is definitely summer. If you want to make the most out of summer, then these are the 10 summer tips every fashion lover must know.

1. Follow the trendsetters

Every fashion lover needs to have his or her fashion icons. Those people that dress just like you would like to dress. Make sure you follow the trendsetter during summer – it’s the best source of inspiration and information. You won’t be left looking like a fool if you know what the top people are wearing. If you don’t quite know who your fashion god or goddess is, check out a few fashion blogs to find out.

2. Go loose and big with your clothing

Summer heat makes the body sweat and sticks all the clothing to your body. While it’s perfectly cool to showcase your figure with fashion, you just want to maximise the size on everything for the summer. A maxi dress will always feel nicer than a tank top and a pair of jean shorts. So, be loose this summer and pick clothing that’s big and airy.

3. Buy summer shoes that are bigger in size

You know that summer is the season of heat and when we’re all hot and bothered, our feet swell. The trick to know is that you should up your shoe size by half a size for summer. This guarantees you look stylish even when the heat gets to your feet. Pick the best summer shoes to buy from retailers like Zalando– perfect for finding a bargain.

4. Pace your shopping

You don’t need to buy a new pair of sneakers every month. It’s alright to sometimes just admire your love of fashion and forget about the shopping. Indeed, sometimes the best course of action is to pace your shopping – to save money for your next big purchase. It does sound shocking but being in love with fashion doesn’t mean you need to ruin your bank account.

5. Find the summer hashtags

Every fashion lover has to stay on top of what is happening on Instagram. The social media platform is the best for finding the latest fashion trends and looks. Be sure to check all the coolest summer hashtags and keep your eye on the big social influencers on the fashion scene. This guarantees you shop for real fashion, not the things you’re told to by the media.

6. Tailoring to save the day

You should also be smart and make use of your older items for summer. Creating new summer outfits from old clothing is easy, as you are literally just shortening and cutting stuff. Those skinny jeans that are too old will instantly turn into a pair of hot pants for the summer.

7. Learn to shop in the summer sales

Summer is actually great for making a fashion bargain because it’s full of sales. First, you have the midsummer sale – the great extravaganza that helps you find all the bikinis you want for cheap. But that’s not it. You also need to leave room for the end of summer sales. This is a fantastic opportunity for fashion lovers. Just check the MandM Direct promo codes and you’ll understand! There are tonnes of things up for sale – your autumn wardrobe sorted in the summer? Cool!

8. Accessorise to keep it cool

The saviour of summer fashion is a proper handbag. This will save you from so much trouble because you can fill it with all the coolest summer accessories. A handheld fan, a big water bottle to stay replenished and wet wipes to give your face an uplift. If you want to buy one expensive thing, then make it a summer bag.

9. Start prepping for next year

While there are still plenty of summer days left, you should start getting ready for next summer. As you might know, next season’s summer collections start taking over the catwalks in September and October. Get a little flipbook for writing down ideas and start planning for your future outfits.

10. Don’t take summer and fashion too seriously

Just remember not to take any of this too seriously. Summer is often a season of expectations – you have to do this and that in order to have a so-called good summer. But life isn’t an achievement; the expectations of others shouldn’t ever matter to you. Do fashion and have a good summer but that’s that. Don’t stress about it.

Summer is a great season for fashion lovers. You can find plenty of excitement around you. If you want to make the most of your summer, then the above ten tips should inspire you to have the best fashion season of all times!