A Guide To Shop Jeans Online !!

denim shopping

Hey All,

With the rise of e-commerce sites, many people are addicted to online shopping. You spend a lot of money and time in it. I love online shopping for the wide range of items, convenience, and deals. I am mainly on the lookout for new clothes. For those who can’t access malls and big retail stores unlike cities, online sites are a boon. It is also a fantastic way to save money using discount codes. Yes, the internet solved all our shopping woes.

Size and fit are a major issue while shopping clothing online. Have you ever been in a situation where everything looked great on the website and when they arrived and you tried them on, the cloth you ordered was a different shade or size??  Yeah, happened to me too while buying jeans.

I would like to share some simple tips with you today when buying jeans online so as to get your size right!  Jeans are a staple item in every woman’s wardrobe. There is a pair of jeans for every shape and size. Skinny jeans, boot-cut, flared, high-waist, low-waist, straight, slim-fit etc. to name a few. But finding a fitting pair is not easy and shoppers get disappointed very easily. It should not appear too baggy, too high, too short or too tight.

denim shopping
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Skinny jeans for women are a must-have for those who dare to show off their curves. It snug fits in a comfortable manner.

1. KNOW YOUR WAIST & HIP SIZE IN INCHES: It takes only a few seconds to measure but it will be helpful in your purchase. It is important for you to know the measurements. You can use a measuring tape, a string, shoe lace or a ruler. The waist is the narrowest part of your torso. The Hips are the widest part of your torso.

2. MAKE USE OF SIZE CHARTS: Size charts are also helpful. They change depending on the brand. Your waist size should be in line with the denim size.The description in shopping portals online tells you what size the model is wearing. You can base your decision with these details.

3. FABRIC MATTERS TOO:   Seek out jeans with Lycra or more stretch.  Look for spandex or elastane in the fabric description. One should make it a point to check qualitative as well as quantitative metrics.

4. DECIDE BETWEEN STYLE OR COMFORT: Ask yourself if you are ready to compromise style for comfort. if you are influenced by fashion, you would like season’s style. hat suits their body shape. Buy designer labels if you want to be in vogue with the latest trend. Fix your budget too. Premium denim in the latest styles and washes can never go out of fashion.  Most of the retailers would carry all of the top brands.  You can try custom made pairs. Mix and match between your styles.

5. FIND WHAT SUITS YOUR BODY SHAPE: First, find out your body shape and then choose your outfit. There are eight major female body shapes: Straight, Pear, Spoon,  Hourglass, Top Hourglass, Inverted Triangle, Oval, and Diamond. When in doubt, order two pairs. Most portals have free shipping and free returns. Just send the one you didn’t like back.

Plan some smart shopping with these tips.

All it takes is a little prep to find the best pair of jeans that fits perfectly !! Happy Shopping!!