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Affordable Graphic Tees that you can gift your friend

Hey Everyone,

Today’s post is about one of my favorite wardrobe staples, i.e graphic tees. Graphic T-shirts are a versatile, affordable and comfortable must have in your closet irrespective of the gender, season or occasion. Typically it isn’t the first thing we grab as a gift for someone. Many people frown on hearing the term graphic tees. So I thought I’ll put together a small post on affordable graphic tees you can gift your friend. I loved graphic tees a lot. I feel fashion conscious and smarter after wearing graphic tees.

You can use graphic tees as a lounge wear, casual wear or even for formal occasions. A simple graphic tee can give you a sophisticated look.The graphic element captures the attention of others and adds interest to an ensemble. If you are thinking graphic t-shirt isn’t your style, fret not and rather focus on the pieces that complete your look.

Graphic tees can never go wrong whether you plan to wear your tee for a day at work, or you’re looking to add some pop to your date night.

Wearing graphic tees has a visual appeal and positive association. T-shirts with good contrast, colour scheme and subtle branding can be quite cool. It should not be too overpowering.

Graphic T-shirts are available in a wide-range and offers you myriad opportunities to explore new looks. The 3 main types of graphic tees are:

  • The one with the slogan or saying
  • Arty Graphics – Looks good on its own
  • Simple graphics – Easily combined. Focus is more on the look as a whole rather than on small details of the shirt.

Just like every clothing, fit is the most important aspect of any style. Quality of fabric is also very important. A good T-shirt should not rip off and its print should stay strong and long even after you wash it. When you pick a graphic tee as a gift, get the touch and feel of the fabric quality and style.

Wearing a graphic T-shirt can be a creative and fun way to style into her personality. Consider the time and place before you choose a Tee shirt.

Style Tip –

Nothing complements a graphic T-shirt like denim or pair of jeans.  Larger T-shirts can be belted over. Men can style it with shorts and sneakers too. Women can create a polished look with a pair of jeans, maxi skirt, short skirt or solid coloured leggings with heels.

Graphic T-shirt is itself a statement. There is no need to pair it with chunky accessories. You can wear a simple bracelet or watch and carry a wristlet. You can ever pair it with maxi skirts, blazers, heels etc. Graphic T-shirt introduces one to a wide array of options.

Graphic Tees are a trend that everyone seems to love right now? Grab the latest and hottest t-shirts graphic tees available on the web.